What to See and Do in Christchurch and Canterbury

Portrayed as an “energetic city on the move, adapting versatility and innovatively,” Christchurch’s vitality is obvious wherever you go. The city has skipped back after the 2010 and 2011 with creative new attractions, and additionally some old top picks. With its focal area in the South Island of New Zealand, energizing nightlife and bistro society, access to the shoreline, climbing trails and its closeness to Mt Hutt and Porter, Christchurch is the ideal spot to unwind amid your South Island voyages. The city offers a lot of convenience choices that are tailor made to suit any financial plan.

There is quite a lot to do in Canterbury and especially if you are adventurous. Since the city boasts of exhilarating adventure all in one place, it is important to note that having your own vehicle guarantees a breathtaking experience as you would be savoring these beauties at your own pace. Considering that as a tourist you will not bring your own vehicle, considering a  car rental in Christchurch is a great choice.

Amongst the attractions you should not miss out on are as follows.

Rangitata white water rafting 

These water rafting adventures  in Rangitata guarantee fun, relaxation and excitement. You can be out on the river to around three hours which is sufficient to learn rafting skills and experience the best rapids the excellent waterways bring to the table. The guides are globally experienced, and will show you all that you have to know about the rivers. From oar strategy, to safety moves you’ll be prepared for anything the waterway tosses at you.

Te-puna o Whaiwet’ art gallery

Opened in 2003, this gallery is an incredible landmark to Christchurch. It has great curving glass veneers and astounding open air sculpture. It has one of the biggest lasting accumulations in New Zealand of modern art and traditional artifacts’. The collections sum more than 5,500 drawings, sculptures and paintings. The gallery opens from 10am to 5pm daily except on Wednesdays where it remain open until 9pm.

Riccarton house

This garden showcases ready to eat’ to eat stalls craftsmanship and artworks, live music and the completely authorized Riccarton House Bistro Beer Garden, all situated in the wonderful grounds of Riccarton House and Bush. It is always open on Sundays from 10am to 2pm.

Riccarton house

Architectural cardboard cathedral 

The cathedrals typically remain as persisting landmarks to human aptitude and innovativeness, and points to the nearness of God among us. Their sites will let you know how they are the most seasoned, the biggest, the tallest or the most noteworthy of their kind. It is also available for a variety of events. It was opened to the public two years-after the earthquake that destroyed Christchurch. With an expected-lifespan of 50 years, the temporary-cathedral will serve as-a replacement for the city’s iconic 1864 Anglican-cathedral – one of Christchurch’s most prize- landmarks – until a more-permanent structure is built.

Canterbury museum

Canterbury Museum is a fortune trove of wealth. The accumulations have drawn in and charmed guests from all over the world for over 130 years. Early trades, for the most part of moa bones and winged creature skins, empowered the Museum’s first Director, Sir Julius von Haast, to frame the premise of Canterbury Museum’s gathering. Today, the accumulations involve more than 2.1 million things enveloping Antarctic undertakings, Canterbury settlement, ethnology and characteristic history.

Christchurch city guarantees a mixed blend of noteworthy class and contemporary society. As the door toward the South Island, it’s an unquestionable requirement on any agenda.


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