Weekend Holiday in Florida

Florida has unique weekend holidays that will make your weekend unique, you will not miss something exciting to do in Florida, from nightlife to beaches, and shopping will make your weekend seem shorter.  Florida is a sunshine state and makes you enjoy life to the fullest.  The some tried and true weekend holidays in Florida are

Daytona Beach

Covering over twenty-three miles of beautiful  blue green waters and sandy beaches that are sparkling white, the Daytona beaches are irrestistable.You can sunbath and take a dive with the currents, wind surfing.  Accommodation is available near the beach and candle light dinner in the beach will make your evening romantic.(image by VISIT FLORIDA)

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Amelia Island

A visit to the Amelia Island at the Florida northern most barrier island.  The island boasts around twenty-six squares of natural beauty and rich history.  The island has an all-inclusive resort, quite ocean front cottages, seaside villas, and ocean view hotels for a quite romantic weekend holiday with your loved one.  The activities you can engage on during the weekend holiday include shopping, tennis, playing golf and candle light dinners.


A weekend holiday in Miami Florida offers cutting edge of urban chic.  Miami is the world’s center of fashion, commerce and entertainment with beautiful tropical paradise beaches, ocean surf and palm trees.  Miami is a fun in the sun playground.  The weekend weather is perfect for a lazy day relaxing in the beach and winding up the day with the sizzling nightlife.

The Disney land

Disneyland is a place of fairy tales, a holiday weekend full of fun and fairy tales.  The Disneyland is magical and happy place, and a weekend at the Disneyland world would mean exchanging your simple life to a weekend life of magical days of princesses’ castles and characters of storybooks and Disney movies.  You can either choose to enjoy your accommodation to many hotels inside the Disneyland.

St Augustine

At Augustine is and old world charm, unique attraction, and world class shopping malls.  A weekend holiday with your loved one is all you need, full of romance and fun.  Beaches are just minutes away, activities you can do over the weekend include golf, Ripley;s sightseeing trains, light house and museum, pirates treasures and fountain of youth and the world golf hall of fame.  Accommodation is much available including the from beach hotels all inclusive vacation for a quite romantic weekend.(image by Doug Kerr)

Mudluscious Press www.mudlusciouspress.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Weekend Holiday in Florida St Augustine

The keys

Florida Keys has strings of islands that are bound together by the overseas highways, which have become a sport fishing and diving Mecca.  A weekend holiday on this beautiful island has its own ambiance the outdoor enthusiasts include scuba diving, world class snorkeling, deep sea fishing. There is endless entertainment to keep you busy throughout the weekend.  Accommodation on beach front hotels, cottages and villas to give you a quite time as you listen to the sea.Entertainment and disco joints are many and the choose will be yours.

Weekend with your loved one in Florida gives you time to reconnect to each other, and as a family it time to have that fun filled activities with your children which leaves you having that surreal experience.

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