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Use a Travel Credit Card that Rewards Your Wanderlust

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a taste of luxury while visiting new places. It means that you have to plan your spending wisely, stick to a pre-determined budget and take advantage of all the benefits that a great travel credit card can offer.

A great credit card for travelers that frequently use American Airlines is the AAdvantage Credit Card which is what we found when we ran a quick check on the comparison tool offered by It helps travelers accumulate miles quickly, so they can travel for free more often.

The bonus offer for signing up for the AAdvantage Credit Card is 30,000 miles when you spend $1,000 in purchases in the first three months. Just by charging everyday purchases like gasoline for your vehicle, movies and grocery shopping will get you to this threshold in no time. This is more than enough miles for one economy class round-trip MileSAAver ticket anywhere in the continental United States or Canada, just for applying for the card. Depending on where you choose to fly, the value of this offer could be worth $500.(Image by Randy Reddig)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  signing up Travel Credit Card that Rewards Your Wanderlust

Savvy consumers know that they can earn even more miles by putting large expenses for their household on the credit card. Recurring bills including cable, utilities, home and car insurance, and your cellphone may be charged to the card. Home improvements such a bathroom renovation, new furniture or a new roof may all be put on the AAdvantage Credit Card. When the card is used for absolutely every purchase possible, you may reach the $30,000 spending threshold required to earn a $100 travel credit with American Airlines. It can be used towards a ticket purchase with SkyWest, ExpressJet Airlines, Chautauqua Airlines and American Airlines for all travel within the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. While the flight discount may not seem like a lot of money, smart travelers know that every penny saved on travel brings them one step closer to their dream trip.

If you decide to go ahead and use the bonus miles for a trip to visit your grandma on the opposite coast, you will be thrilled to know that American Airlines will credit your AAdvantage account back with 10 percent of the miles you redeemed within six to eight weeks. For example, if your ticket to take the trip was 25,000 miles, your account will be credited back with 2,500 miles! There is an annual maximum of 10,000 bonus miles awarded per calendar year. If you accumulate a lot of miles and redeem them for free travel, this is a really nice perk!

There are other ways to rack up the miles with the AAdvantage Credit Card. All travel purchased directly with American Airlines will earn cardholders double miles when they use the credit card. You would be surprised how quickly the miles can accumulate, even if you just fly a few times a year. You will be pleased to know that there is no cap on the amount of miles that you can earn in a year, which means there is no limit to your purchasing power to earn free travel.

If you always have your mind on the bottom line, you will be happy to know that there are some money-saving incentives to having the AAdvantage Credit Card. You may be thinking the cost of enjoying a meal or drink on the plane is too expensive to indulge in. When you use the credit card on in-flight purchases of food, headsets and beverages, you will save 25-percent on all American Airlines operated flights. Even if you travel a few times a year, this benefit will save you quite a bit of money.(Image by CreditCardOffers)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  benefit Travel Credit Card that Rewards Your Wanderlust

Have you ever wondered how people get ahead of the lines at the gate? Perhaps it’s because they have the AAdvantage Credit Card. When you book and pay for travel through American Airlines with the card, you are given the privilege of Group One boarding. This allows you to jump the queue, safely stow your carry-on baggage over your seat and get comfortable before the flight takes off. After all, when you travel, it is the little things that can mean the most.

Your first checked bag is free on all flights. If you have up to four traveling companions on the same reservation, their bags will travel for free as well. At a cost of $50 per bag per person for a round-trip flight, this perk will save a family of five $250 for every flight they take with American Airlines. Just visiting your parents twice a year will save you $500 in baggage costs. You must use your AAdvantage Credit Card to book and pay for the flight to take advantage of this offer.

If your credit card is not earning you free travel, it is time to consider applying for a card that will reward you with free flights. The annual fee of $95 on the AAdvantage Credit Card is waived for the first year. If you take one flight with your family of five and check bags, the waived baggage fee of $250 more than covers the cost. Let a new AAdvantage Credit Card take you home once a year free of charge.


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