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Unique Facts about Petra in Jordan

Petra is a city located in the heart of Arabia, surrounded by the most spectacular forms of nature and a rich, cultural history. Petra holiday is a popular choice for many visitor going to Jordan. If you are looking to learn and encounter a good part of the history of Jordan and the Arabian culture as a whole, Petra is the one city that offers all of this. Petra is a famous link between the east Arabian countries, from ancient times it’s the route that has been used by famous archeologists and business men to bring thriving trade into Arabian countries. There are those who indicate that controlling the city of Petra is controlling the Arabian world.


Most of the buildings in Petra are red in color. It is the one city that has relied greatly on the use of red sandstone. The type of architecture began in ancient times, when this was the only material available for building. Although there have been advancements in architecture and building technology, this continues to be the favored building material. The result is that Petra has a glowing red outlook, almost as if the sun retires to this city.(Image by Nigel Nudds)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Architecture Unique Facts about Petra in Jordan


Petra is surrounded by a number of mountains. Surrounded by mountains, in ancient times it was normally used as a fortress, where the rich and wealthy kept their treasures in times of unrest. The ride to the city is quite amazing, one goes up the empty roads, looking at what seems like extreme nothingness, and then all of a sudden a city with a red glow appears below, almost like a gem hidden.

Candle night paths:

This is the most romantic fact about the city. At night the unique pathways are lit by candles giving a warm glow to the city. You can actually walk for hours admiring this phenomenon that goes across the city of Petra.

Valleys and gorges:

These are most fascinating to the adventurous souls. You can enjoy hiking and trailing across the various gorges, with unique natural features around Petra. These gorged have in fact drawn the interest of and been featured in many Hollywood movies.(Image by Luigi Strano)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Valleys Unique Facts about Petra in Jordan

The treasury of course is the first building to draw the interest of visitors. It does not disappoint in terms of rich history and architecture. It’s estimated to be more than 2000 years old, a testimony to its greatness. It includes rooms that have not been touched for centuries.

Tombs and burial sites:

Petra has even more burial sites which are a fascination to many tourists. If you are looking for something unique, perhaps you can visit the many tombs which are personalized to the unique combination of Greek and Egyptian culture. Visiting the tombs is not as morbid as one may imagine, in fact it’s an experience of learning.

Petra continues to be considered one of the greatest gems in the history of Arabia. Historians and archeologists agree that the unique discoveries in Petra are yet to be unearthed and that there is much more of the world’s history hidden in Petra.


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