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UK on a Budget: Where to eat for under £10

There are many joints and cafes in the UK, but in most of them it’s very hard to get some place that you can eat a good meal that at most costs £10. If you get such restaurants, there are still high chances that their food is of poor quality or has been prepared under unhygienic conditions. Putting cleanliness and hospitable service and good high quality food as our priority, check out our places that we found are among the best where you can eat a meal that’s costs you under 10 pounds.

Al Frash

At Al Frash, dishes are cooked to order; you will get over 50 restaurants in a balti triangle, in other words a patch of a Sparkbrook that’s to the South of Birmingham where you will get fluffy nun breads that are served accompanied with curry selling at about £8.

Baozi Inn

Most famous for flying the flag of Sichuan noodles, snacks and buns. You will get a bowl of noodles that’s one of Sichuan specials at around £6. The hotel is in Newport Court in London.(image by Kake).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Baozi Inn UK on a Budget Where to eat for under £10

Cafe Espana

Located in old Compton St, in London, the café offers Spanish dishes at very reasonable and affordable prices. You can consider sharing the paella option which is worth the £10 you pay. You will leave the café satisfied.

Cha Cha Moon

Located in Ganton St, London, you will get amazing dishes at a cheap and affordable £3.50 to £7. Most popular food is the Chinese noodles.

Chez Fred

Located in Seamoor road, Westbourne, Bournemouth the hotel’s most popular dish is the scampi or fishcakes which go for £7. You can also order haddock or cod fishcake.

Numera Bos Cirrik

The hotel is located in Stoke Newington road in London. The hotel is considered as a Turkish ocakbasi house which implies a restaurant that cooks only dishes that are cooked to order all on hot charcoal grill. You can oder a plate of grilled lamb which is accompanied by a hot fluffy pide bread, deep red and grilled sweet onions that are dressed with sumac and salads, all these go for an amazing £8, you will not believe it.


Located at Great Castle Street in London, you will definitely enjoy the family run restaurant that offers great biryanis and also sea foods. Just a lunch buffer will make you realize that eating is a duty. Food goes for around £8.(image by Adrian Murphy).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Kerala UK on a Budget Where to eat for under £10

Dashi Sushi

Located at platform Two near Bath Spa Railway Station in Dorchester Street, you will find the fish selling Japanese restaurant. You will get a whole bento box of fresh fish going for £3.50 to £8

Pharoah’s cellar bistro

This pharaoh hotel is located at Glandovey Terrace, Aberdovey in Gwynedd. Dishes of simple pasta accompanied with interesting starters will go for £8. In evenings you can even bargain the prices.

UK is home to many cultures and people from all walks of life, this makes home to different dishes from all over the world. If you are in UK on a budget why not get to these hotels, you will definitely love the places.


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