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Types of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving involves underwater diving with the help of certain self contained apparatus that assist divers to breathe while under water. Experienced scuba divers have a number of scuba diving that they participate in. With the appropriate gears, divers can participate in various types of scuba diving among them rescue diving, wreck diving, drift diving, cave diving, ice diving, high altitude diving, night diving, kayak diving as well as open water diving.

Open Water Diving

This is the most common type of scuba diving for recreational divers. The main objective of open water divers is sight seeing, tourism or even to gaze at the underwater ecosystems. Recreational divers are usually certified to only dive in open water and should not engage in other kinds of scuba diving. For those wishing to dive to underwater spaces, they have to undergo extra training as they are faced with additional risks.(Image by abenteuer)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Open Water Diving Types of Scuba Diving

Drift Scuba Diving

This form of diving is mainly defined by the water currents and location and not by the techniques or even equipments used. For open water diving, divers are required to propel themselves through swimming as they kick the fins. However, for drift diving, divers are required to descend into the water with the help of current and allow the current to carry them when they obtain neutral buoyancy. It considered being the most relaxing form of diving since the divers are able to use less air and can stay under water for longer periods. Minimal effort is used as one is not required to swim.

Rescue Diving

This is common to those divers who respond to emergency situation especially to other divers while underwater. Rescue divers usually accompany less experience divers and are highly trained on the specialized rescue and first aid techniques. Some of these techniques that they have to be trained include surface rescue, aquatic first aid, standard first aid, depth rescues as well as strategies for shore and boat diving fatal situations. This kind of diving demand good physical requirement before you can be certified to be a rescue diver.

Cave Diving

This form of scuba diving is more exhilarating as well as fascinating for experienced divers seeking new experiences while under water. It is similar to normal cave exploration but there is additional thrill as it is done underwater. As for open water divers, they have freedom to swim and navigate in any direction of their choice. However, cave diving require divers to follow a particular predefined course so as to safely get in and out of these caves. Cave diving also involves the use of underwater light and torches as there are no sources of light in the caves.

Wreck Diving

This kind of scuba diving targets visiting sunken vessels. Divers visit these wrecks to explore the exterior as well as peer inside. These wrecks usually act as man made reefs that are home to much marine life escaping from predators. They are therefore ideal places where divers can see elusive as well as unusual species of marine life.(Image by MsTravelingPants)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Wreck Diving Types of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a very fascinating activity which provides divers with lifetime experiences and even gets to see unique marine life. This should however be done after proper training and you should always consider having a guide with you as you dive.


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