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Top Scuba Diving Spots in Jordan

Jordan is one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. Located in a central position surrounded by great nations, Jordan is a country where every traveler would wish to visit. Political stability in the region has made tourism a successful industry attracting hundreds of tourists every year. Considering scuba diving, this is the right place to view numerous diversities of flora and fauna in vast water masses. Waters in Jordan are rich in marine life, visible and waters are also warm. The scuba divers are exposed to schools of fish and the colorful corals that are spread on the sea bed. Beauty is what that describes Jordan marine parks. There are numerous diving spots in this metropolis, but there are some which you should never miss out! Here is the list.

Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea

This is one of the best places that scuba divers of all levels of experience can find pleasure and enchanting encounter. Diving in the Red Sea off the coast of Jordan is first class and to date has none of the associated crowds of the better known parts. The Aqaba Marine Park enjoys a wide variety of marine life including blue spotted rays, barracudas, lionfish, colorful corals and turtles. Visibility is between 15 to 40 meters and 25 to 35 meters where divers can do Nitrox and Technical diving in warm free environment.(image by Chris Yunker).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Gulf of Aqaba Top Scuba Diving Spots in Jordan

King Abdullah Reef

This is the longest dive in the country offering picturesque sites of all types of marine parks ranging from colorful corals to amazing hawksbill turtles. The large shoals of pennant fish are enough to blow your mind in this place of extreme beauty. The site also boosts of an easy shore access as well as convenient mooring buoys for boat. It is a place where words can explain the real experience. Get the real feeling of beauty by visiting this great wonder land.

Amazing Cedar Pride Shipwreck

This is one of the most fascinating wreck dives where both the amateur and experienced divers can find their place to view one of the rarest marine creatures in the world. It is placed between two reefs which create a tunnel running under at a depth of 27 meters where experienced divers can find their way in interior cabins and engine room. The wreck has a spectacular smooth coral growths draping over the masts and the open cargo paves way so that divers can easily swim through the water. Swimming through this structure creates an experience of its own in one of the most unique environments in the marine environment. Don’t miss out, consider it your next scuba dive spot!(Image by Rainbow E)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cedar Pride Shipwreck Top Scuba Diving Spots in Jordan

Saudi Border Wall

The top scuba diving spots may not be well updated without including this great destination in the list. Saudi Border Wall has the largest wall dive in Aqaba with a stunning height of about 70 meters. This amazing wall is covered in tapestry of coral coverage with hundreds stunning turtles making it one of the most visited scuba diving spot. Best experience is to swim out along the plateau and then swim out over the drop -off to experience the disturbing height of the wall.

This is the best way to start your vacation in Jordan. It is a place where immeasurable experience is guaranteed in a safe and cool environment. Don’t miss out!


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