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Top 5 Deluxe Apartments in Barcelona for Travelers

I’ve been in Barcelona quite a number of times for my holidays. The city has something unique that always attracts me and my family. We love to take part in enjoying the lively nightlife that is in it. I personally can’t get enough of the warm and sunny weather in Barcelona. It kind of blows my mind. During day time when we aren’t busy drinking at our favorite club, I prefer cooling off by swimming or taking a nap in one of the deluxe apartments within the city.

Going by the fact that Barcelona is among the top tourist destinations in Europe, services provided hear are top-notch and I feel they are mostly tourist oriented. Their comfy and warm setting makes me feel like I’m in my crib but in the center of city life. I’d rather stay in one among the several deluxe apartments in Barcelona other than hotels or hostels. May be I should sample the best among the several dozens of deluxe apartments in Barcelona that I have spent time in.

1. Sagrada familia 4 Apartment :

I could easily fall in love with this deluxe apartment despite the fact that it is one among the most expensive ones to spend a night in while at Barcelona. No doubt for its five star rating, this apartment is the epitome of luxury and comfort. Well appointed, clean and excellently located is all I have to say about it.(Image by ASPASIOS)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Sagrada familia Deluxe Apartments in Barcelona for Travelers

2. The Parc Guell Style 1 apartment :

The reason why it could be quite okay for me is because of its safe and quite location, there are nice restaurants and cafes just a few paces from it. The amazing Park Guell is just 10 minutes walk from the apartment. I had great time in this emblematic park. I also had a chance to board a train from the corner of the same block destined to Placa Catalunya, an interesting area in the center of Barcelona with plenty of luxury shopping opportunities and historic areas. Following a recent complete renovation, the kitchens in this apartment were pleasingly fully equipped.

3. The Music V11 Apartment :

This apartment is extremely modern. It proved to be a perfect base for some few stays in Barcelona. I was so impressed by the co-operative staff. They were so much hospitable and concerned about my comfort in the apartment. There is plenty of room and lounges for a beautiful sunny garden. It is located 300 m from the Plaza Catatula.

4. The Joyce Apartment :

This five star deluxe apartment is also not so easy on the pocket, though totally worth the cost. It is second to Sagrada familia 4 apartment in terms of accommodation price per person per night. This hotel is so luxurious and splendid, it has this calming mood that made me forget the world, I chose to spend an extra week there. The apartment is clean, spacious and superbly maintained, I loved it.(Image by Visit all the World)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - familia Deluxe Apartments in Barcelona for Travelers

5. The Gracia 1.2 Apartment :

I felt that this place could give its visitor the sense of a Barcelona local staying. It was literary spoiled for choice on places to tour and things to see. A wide variety of bars and restaurants are at the visitor disposal, that combined with a little more expansive space to stroll made me feel at home. It is located in the youthful district of Gracia and very close to Barcelona city center.

Always remember to plan your trip to anywhere ahead of time. This will avoid any mistakes and inconveniences. One of the most important aspects is to book your accommodation before even landing at the airport.


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