Things to Consider on Your Holiday to Barcelona

For tourists and lovers of variety of tourism packages,you should consider this lovely metropolis of Barcelona in Spain. Barcelona virtually has all you need in order to ensure that you are comfortable and get to enjoy every moment of your stay in the lovely beach town of Spain.  Among key attractions in Barcelona include, famous ancient architecture,museums, beaches, hotels, great local culture and diversity as well as an active nightlife.  These all work to ensure that you get to enjoy every time here as soon as you touch down at the airport.  Everything in this city is simply fantastic and romantic and you will easily fall in love with it and even wish to extend your stay here for as long as possible.  All aspects of your stay here such as accommodation and transport facilities within are well catered for therefore you need not worry of that.

Barcelona City has made efforts to ensure that all incoming tourists get ample and satisfactory accommodation for as long as they may stay in the city.  There are sprawling hotels and impressive apartments where one can rent and enjoy every bit of the Barcelona lifestyle be it at night or during daytime.  A busy day out touring fantastic places will no doubt require you to have a good rest hence all efforts have been made to ensure quality accommodation is provided to guests. Hotels such as Confortel Barcelona, Olivia Plaza, and Novotel Barcelona Cornella have made quality accommodation facilities which come with great services such as laundry, swimming pools and other facilities to ensure that your accommodation needs are well catered.  All over Barcelona, you can also rent nice apartments and experience the Spanish life in this gorgeous city.  You will find many great apartment to meet yours and your family needs and more apartments to sleep can be found on many sites online. 


Famous options of things to do
While in Barcelona, you will have a lot to choose from in terms of what the city overs in terms of tourism.  While in this city, make a point of visiting Casa Batllo castle which was built in the 20th century with astounding beauty and art.  This will give you an insight to past architecture and house designs as well as offer a picturesque view of the area.  The Las Ramblas are also the active streets in the city where you will get to experience an active city life and shop in malls, stalls,markets and vendors as well as get entirely entertained with street entertainers.  Also, experience the marvel and glamor of the Salgrada Familia basilica church found in the heart of the city and you surely will fall in love with old architecture of the Spanish. Check out the museums such as Picasso Museum and Maritime Museum as well as the Tourism Media and you sure will have a moment of your lifetime with very lovable scenery pictures and artifacts.  Dance away the evening with cultural dancers who give a deep insight into the life and culture of the locals.  The beach life itself will entice you further with sunbathing,swimming and beach games (image of Las Ramblas barcelona by kristin_se).

Las Ramblas barcelona
The best of local dishes
Barcelona is the place to be if you ever wanted to enjoy the best cuisine of the locals which includes both farm and sea foods and are prepared and served by professional chefs and waiters.  Enjoy sumptuous meals with various categories of vegetables,meats and fish in the city hotels and restaurants.  Common meat dishes are the likes of escudella and embutidos while common fish cuisine are the likes fideuas, suquet de peix, and esqueixada.  And if you are a vegan, you need not worry because of variety of vegetable dishes like cacots and escalivada. These mouth-watering meals will evidently make you fall in love more with this lovely city.
Nightlife options
Barcelona tops among the best places to be at night owing to the fact that it is well endowed with vibrant discotheques, clubs, casinos and the fact that the city will rarely sleep.  Revelers are seen walking in the Las Ramblas and the clubs and discos are filled with fun lovers and loud music as well as live bands and performers who make the nightlife here very appealing.  Notable clubs are sprung across the city and some include Catwalk Club, Shoko, Opium Barcelona, Astoria, Soho, Hyde, Sotavento among numerous others (image by Mario Tomić).

Rapsody/Collegium party at Opium Mar, Barcelona
Local transport
Right from alighting from your plane, you will find various avenues to move about in the city.  For a start, there are various cabs which are committed to take you to various parts of this city all to your comfort and convenience.  Instead of personally driving about the city, you can also take a metro transport system, buses or even ride about.  The fun will however not be much as compared to taking a walk along the streets and experience every fun in every part of the city.  In Barcelona, local transport is therefore fully catered for.

Take a holiday in Barcelona and you will surely enjoy yourself with all aspects catered for such as car rental services from the airport to all destinations such as museums, the beach, architectural highlight and historical sites.  Miss not in all this fun activities and do tell us if you found something new for others to see as well.  Remember to travel smart and be safe!


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