The Five Best Places to Visit on a Costa Rican Holiday Adventure

Costa Rica is a tropical wonderland where travelers can not only enjoy breathtaking sights, but also go on fabulous adventures. Even compared to her neighbors like Panama, Belize, and Honduras; hands down, Costa Rica has the best places for vacations and travel. Though there are so many ways to enjoy Costa Rica, many find the all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica the best choice. These are five of the best places to visit while on your Costa Rican holiday.
1- Puerto Viejo Beach

Popular for its breathtaking coast and incredible surfing conditions, Puerto Viejo Beach is a must-see when visiting Costa Rica. Because there are no exceptionally large all-inclusive resorts at Puerto Viejo, it is ideal for travelers looking for a more intimate, low-key experience with the smaller, local accommodations.

Also, if you are interested in having a notably unique Costa Rican cultural experience, Puerto Viejo boasts the most Afro-Caribbean influence in the whole country, making its food, culture, and lifestyle different than any other place in the country. Not only is the culture different, the weather in this area is also unique, making the best months to visit September through November.


[Photo credit: Poas Volcano National Park]
2- Poas Volcano National Park

One of the best locations in Costa Rica for family adventures, the Poas Volcano National Park is one of the most visited attractions of the country thanks to its convenient location. The incredible lagoons and craters make it one of Costa Rica’s most popular national parks. The park’s main crater is counted as one of the largest in the world, and visitors can hike to the rim of it. There are many options for a day trip such as a stop on the way to La Paz Waterfall or a coffee tour of the area. Because it rains all year round as in much of Latin America, the precipitation makes it green and lush.
3- Monteverde Cloud Forest

Famously known as one of the most gorgeous forests in the world, the Montverde Cloud Forest is a perfect locale for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, as well as adventure seekers. For example, visitors can go zip-lining, enjoy nature hikes, or see the incredible variety of wild animals living in the area. One of the most remarkable specimens the area offers is a color bird called the quetzal. In fact Montverde offers such a wide variety, scientists and scholars often visit to study the local flora and fauna. The weather in this area is traditionally wet and tropical, so the best months to visit are March through April because they warm and have less rain.
4- Tamarindo

If you are interested in a surfing adventure, Tamarindo is your destination. A picturesque vista with a vibrant social scene, this location is frequently included in travel packages to Costa Rica because of its ideal surfing conditions for both novices and experienced professionals. Tamarindo is the most established location on the peninsula with no lack of quality restaurants, bars, and hotels. Food enthusiasts will discover will discover some of the best food in the country here.


[Photo credit: Costa Rica Nature]
5-Papagayo Peninsula

This beautiful spot boasts both the Four Seasons and Andaz Papagayo resorts, offering 5 star accommodations that take advantage of the spectacular diving spots on this breathtaking peninsula. The local hotels also offer an oasis for golf enthusiasts, who can play against an incredible backdrop, which is also a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, while their family gets pampered. Also, children often enjoy seeing the local monkeys playing around the peninsula, and the wealth of fresh seafood on the peninsula provides a wide variety of dining options.
Everyone endures such a relaxing getaway, and you will certainly find that Costa Rica offers all the accommodations perfect for a memorable vacation.

[Photo credit: Feature image- Rio Celeste Falls]

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