The Fascinating History of the Geisha

The nature and world of Japanese Geisha is as glamorous as it is mysterious. It’s only until recently that books of the likes of Golden Memoirs of a Geisha are being used to return this girl back into the limelight which she has hardly enjoyed after the Second World War II. We take is upon ourselves to expound and explore the illustrious group of geisha women.

Geisha girls were never to be called prostitutes

Most people have actually likened the geisha girls to European Courtesans but the truth is that these Japanese geisha were very unique and onto themselves oblivious of the existing similarities. To call a geisha girl a prostitute would actually be an insult to the Japanese. These girls were very skilled in lovemaking, dancing, music, singing and artistic work. There awere lots of secrecies that surrounded the Geisha talents. Many people believed that a geisha girl sexual skill made her to be so needed by the clienteles but today, it’s believed that this was not the case. Her ability to converse and sooth your ego over her love was what made a geisha girl to be unique unlike most women.(image by Joe Martin)

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Only for the rich

Geisha arts were very expensive and only an upper class Japanese man could actually afford her. The girls had to go through years of training and had to endure daily preparations as they were being prepared to become the playthings of the fabulous rich and wealthy. Before the introduction of the geisha’s girls, Kyoto functioned as the center of pleasure and cultures that were good in equating love with beauty and art.

Geisha sort to emulate the best of Japanese traditions that were practiced in the 17th century and beyond. Before they acquired the geisha name, they served as merely women in the pleasure quarters that fulfilled and had to acknowledge the needs of the society.

Pleasure quarters

Marriage was considered as an essential form of political agreement; love therefore had to be sort somewhere else. In those days, men were not obliged to get sexual satisfaction from their own wives as they had another primary function, to deliver them heirs. The pleasure quarters consequently drew men from various walks of life, at that point, Kyoto became the center of prostitution, and it was very easy to see fallen women walking on the streets.

As young as six

Girls were delivered to the pleasure quarters mostly when they were very young, even at the age of six; these girls were mostly from the poor families. In the pleasure quarters, they were taught the needs of her family that were above her own. Families used to sell their daughters to brothels in efforts of supporting their other children. After they were purchased, these girls actually were considered like they have incurred a massive debt, it was sad to see that even meals and clothing’s they were occasionally given were in calculated as part of their debt. Training was also a debt too. The girls were to start paying these debts once they became geisha girls; the debt was to be given to the brothel owners.(image by Mellisa Hooper)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Fascinating History of the Geisha Geisha girls

Fake love to conserve for the next customer

Young girls who served in the pleasures quarters mainly undertook the role of maids who were supposed to attend to the older courtesans, the courtesans instructed them mostly in calligraphy and tea ceremonies. They would be later being introduced to music and the arts of love. These were basically teachings of how they would fake pleasures just to preserve themselves for the next customer. Their primary role was to play the game of love and never to succumb to it.

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