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The Best In-Airport Services Around The World

Many airports have their own special services to enhance productivity and also to help you kill time as you wait ti be connected to your delayed or next flight. Most airports have random services which are meant for the travelers, we advice you to ask for the services if you find that you cannot identify where they are offered. It can be very difficult to just keep twiddling on uncomfortable chairs for hours in an airport. Bearing this in mind, we have come up with the best in airport services which you can opt for as you wait to catch your next flight. The services will go a long way in easing your layover anxieties.

Airport Supermarkets

compared to terminal convenience stands, airport supermarkets are inexpensive ideal places that you can get some souvenirs, snacks, candy or even bottled water. Most airports feature supermarkets with countries like Singapore, Zurich and Geneva boasting of having the best of them all. Most travelers however find it difficult to access them, what further worsens the situation is that they keep the problem to themselves, if you can’t find a supermarket, ask the staff to show you, you can also inquire from the desk. Most of these supermarkets are meant for the flight attendants, pilots and airport staff but travelers are also welcomed, you will definitely like the feeling of shopping and queuing with intelligent men and women who know all the sky routes at their finger tips, you can make some friends too.(image by habier lópez).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Airport Supermarkets Airport Services Around The World

Airport Healthcare Services

as you wait for your plane you can catch you with your medical appointments at the health care firms in airports, if need be, it’s advisable you plan ahead. Services rendered at these health care facilities are like of world standards. Most of the facilities feature dentist services, primary care, travel immunizations as well as physical therapies. Some airports like JKF International airport and the Newark Liberty International Airport have prescreening areas. You can also get some pharmacis or walk in clinics in lesser airports like in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta and Philadelphia International. Most health care facilities accept major health care insurance plans.

Fun Airport Activities

if you have never had fun in an airport, try the Singapore International Airport which features the tallest water slide in the country, gardens that will keep you occupied and a movie theatre, other airports are also not left behind, Hong Kong features a well designed platform that you can see major air buses take off, there is also a casino that you can gamble or watch a 6D five minute movie. Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport features a city tour on a floating Dutchman that will really entertain you. You can also play golf at its palm beach. Other airports feature steam rooms, swimming pools as well as five star hotels which you can relax as you wait for your flight.(image by tiayiti).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Airport Art Exhibits Airport Services Around The World

Airport Art Exhibits

Airports have detailed wall exhibits that showcase art at its best, most of these art works are many to make travelers feel at home. Some good examples are the art exhibits of San Diego international Airport which showcase the birth stones of Gemological Institute of America.

Airport in services are meant to help you relax and see you relieve all the anxiety of traveling. The next time you get on an airport, don’t just sit on the chairs as you wait for your flight, walk around and get to enjoy the services that are availed at airports.

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