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The Best 5 Islands of Philippines

The Philippines Island can only be described as beautiful and magnificent. Philippines surrounded by beautiful islands that give you the best experience for your vacation.  With more than fifty islands in Philippines the best five with unique beauty that captures your eyes and have stunning scenery are.

The Camiguin Island

The volcanic island has a pear shaped design.  The tiny island is located at the northern section of the Mindanao.  The island  known to have several hot springs, stunning cascalding, white sandy beaches, lush forest waterfalls, and seven volcanoes.  It also has historical sites like the catarman church ruins and the Santo Rosario church.  The hot springs are just amazing and you can boil your egg there and eat.  Visit the historical sites and learn more about the churches.  The waterfalls are just stunning and the volcanoes are must see when in the island. Accommodation is readily available and transport to the island is available.(image by travelmyph).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Camiguin Island Best 5 Islands of Philippines

The Boracay Island

The seven kilometers long island has the best beaches in philipines.There are spectacular clear waters and lovely white sandy beaches.  The common activities include scuba diving, kite boarding, cliff diving, wind surfing, golfing, snokerling and swimming.  At night, the island comes back to life with nightclubs and discos.  Swimming underwater will give you the best experience ever in the island.  The nightlife is must attend to learn more about the culture of the philipines, and do not forget to taste their well-cooked seafood.

The Bohol Island

The beautiful island is well known for having magnificent chocolate hills which are limestone hills formed by coral reefs.  The island has different kind of marine species and plant life.  The caves to explore are many and the countless white sandy beaches, clear water and hidden waterfalls.  The marine animals are many and of different species, for those who love snorkeling there is much plant life and animals to watch.

The Batanes Island

The island has many breathtaking views, gentle slopping hills, rugged shores, and bottomless canyons.  The island offers many hopping opportunities like scenic villages, all kind of fishing and incredible water for swimming.  The accommodation is available for both short stay and long stay.  Most of the hotels are near the beach.  The villages are beautiful I there own way and the people are friendly and entertaining.

The Apo Island

The island known for a fabulous diving site. Do not try to dive on your own, there are guards who are available to show you the best diving spots.  The island is protected, printine, and pastrol island.  It is famous for snorkeling and scuba diving.  The island is best for family vacation and single people alike.  The beautiful waters are home to many different kinds of marine creatures.  The island has more have four hundred coral, over six hundred species of fish and the beaches are white powdery sands.  The accommodation is available near the beach.(image by David DiPasquale).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Apo Island Best Islands of Philippines

The natural beauties, the comfort accommodation, and the friendly people make you’re your trip to the Philippines fantastic.

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