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The 8 Most Fascinating Animals in the African Safaris

African Safaris are often on the to-do list of many tourists, and it’s very easy to understand why. The scenic landscape and the fascinating animals are so difficult to resist. Tourists flock there for safaris, which allow them to witness the real wilderness, uncorrupted by human evolvement. Going on African Safaris, such as the Yellow Zebra Safaris, is the best way to see wildlife in its natural state. Numerous wonders of the animal kingdom live in Africa, providing lots of ways to appreciate the diversity of life. In case you have the means and the desire to go for an adventure of a lifetime, make good use of the opportunity to visit Africa for safari tours and get to see the following fascinating animals in their natural habitat.

1. Giraffes

With the long necks, which evolved to help them eat from the tallest trees, these animals are a natural wonder to feast your eyes on. Giraffes are loved by the safari-goers and guides alike, since their remarkable stature makes them quite easy to spot. These animals are seen in many large African reserves, but they also roam freely outside some parks.(Images by Jordini Jean Pierre)


Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Giraffes Fascinating Animals in the African Safaris

2. Lions

Seeing a lion in its natural habitat is one of the major attractions of going on the African Safaris. Lions are the ultimate predator, inspiring imaginations for several generations. You are likely to see them snoozing than actively hunting since they tend to rest for approximately twenty hours a day.

3. Hippopotamuses

Hippopotamuses look like very gentle animals, but they can be very fearsome when they sense danger. These enormous mammals spend so much of their time in the water, thus making them quite easy to find. However, they often complicate river crossing at times. Most safaris will give you a chance to see these animals.

4. Elephants

These are the largest land animals on the earth surface. These tender giants live in several regions of Africa and are a must-see on any African Safari. They frequently travel in packs, providing you with the chance to see the complex social structure and the tight family bonds these intelligent creatures form.

5. Zebras

Zebras are surely a beautiful sight to view on the savannah. Since they resemble horses in some way, it can be quite tempting to want to ride them, but they’re really difficult to tame. Zebras are grazers and often gather in large migratory herds. Each zebra has a unique stripe pattern from the others.

6. Nile crocodiles

These creatures can be found in nearly all the major rivers throughout the African continent as well as many lakes. They’re quite easy to spot on safaris, and you’ll frequently find them sunning themselves on the river banks with their mouths wide open.(Image by Dan)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Nile crocodiles Fascinating Animals in the African Safaris

7. Cheetahs

These are rare beautiful cats, famous for their unbelievable speed. Even though they are the fastest animals on the planet and great hunters, it is difficult for them to stop being hunted by the aggressive hyenas and lions. Cheetahs’ preference for the wide spaces also makes them compete with humans and cattle.

8. Rhinos

There are two rhino species in Africa – The Black and the White rhinos. The black rhinos have suffered a drastic reduction in the last twenty years and are therefore rare to see on the safaris, unless you to go a place where they’ve been re-introduced. The white rhinos, on the other hand, are numerous and are heavily concentrated in the Southern parts of Africa. They are shortsighted, somewhat bad tempered, but wonderful to look at.

In conclusion, everywhere you go in Africa, there is always something remarkable to do and see. But experiencing the wild and seeing the above mentioned animals makes the tour even more interesting. The best part of going for the African Safaris is the luxury accommodations available on these tours. There are numerous selections of accommodation from hotels, guest houses, and lodges to apartments, villas and resorts in any African country you choose to go to. You are likely to be stunned by the true beauty of Africa and the unique experiences of African Safaris.


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