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The 7 Most Famous Tourist Sites in South America

With its snow capped mountains and stunning landscapes, South America is a patchwork of pure landscapes and undulating slopes, treacherous jungles , spectacular mountain ranges as well as surreal deserts. Travelers are delighted with its activities which leave them sweating especially in the case of outdoor challenges, you can also sit down and admire the awe inspiring views of Andes. If you are looking for real time adventure, South America will never disappoint, its spirits are just infectious, here are some of the most famous sites that you must visit in South America.
Machu Picchu – Peru

Peru has risen to become the hotspot of South America and the darling of all courtesy of its shining jewels and the Incan Kingdom of Machu Peru. These kingdoms are hidden within the lush or Peruvvian Mountains and have been a mystical city for ages. Today it’s known to be the continents best archeological sites. You can choose to get there via a train ride or via the Inca trail (image by Anthea Okereke)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Most Famous Tourist Sites in South America Machu Picchu - Peru

Amazonia – Ecuador

Amazon has one of the most extraordinary ecosystems in the whole planet. The Amazon covers approximately 40% of the South American continent and literally touches very many countries. You can get to Amazonia through the popular entryway of Ecuadorian borders through the capital Quito. Definitely Amazon is not for the faint hearted, you will however love to see diversity of creatures ranging from tarantulas, caimans, birds and monkeys.

Angel Falls – Venezuela

Angel Falls are nestled within the infamous Canaima National Park and is considered to have the highest waterfalls in the world. The hike into the falls will not only reward you with Angel falls but also the jungle trek is an adventure itself , you will definitely love to explore the native grasslands, mountains and rivers which before you get to the spectacular waterfalls and lagoons. If you are daring enough, you can venture into the forest to see some monkeys, orchids as well as the poisonous arrow frogs.

Torres del Paine – Chile

Torres del Paine National park can be found in the southern most part of Chile and is actually the gateway to Patagonia which offers incredible hiking opportunities amongst the Blue Mountains, lakes and glaciers. There are enough treks which are available with varying experience levels required, the paths are clearly marked and there are also fancy options for accommodation s well as other basic services. You can choose to go on a day trip if you are after having some breathtaking views via the “w” route. Hiking can take between five to 9 days.(image by Simuddell)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Most Famous Tourist Sites in South America Torres del Paine - Chile

Salar de Uyuni- Bolivia

This happens to be the largest salt flat in the entire world and this makes it a must visit. Salt and other essential minerals are usually sought from this area. For travelers the area serves as the world’s best photo op. there are numerous photographers who flock here to get the glimpse of the unique landscape. It’s however important to note that visiting during the dry season is best recommended for you can take nice pictures of the picturesque limitless horizon perspective.

Visit these and other places in South America you will surely love the experience. A good option will be to travel with your entire family or kids as accommodations are generally available.


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