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The 7 Longest Train Rides in the World

If you are really looking for an epic thing to do this year, try one of these longest train rides, they also happen to be the longest train journeys in the world, at the end of it you will be quenched to see mother nature at its beast, great landscapes, valleys, canyons, sea, wildlife, trees and diversity of the plant kingdom. You can consider traveling with your family or close friends, to make the journey comfortable, book the first class coaches as they are more spacious and travel friendly.

Moscow to Vladivostok

This is the longest train journey in the world; it covers 9,259 kilometers and takes approximately 178 hours, approximately 7 days. The Russian railways are the success behind this journey which comprises of 67 different stops. The journey starts at the city capital of Russia that’s in the west and ends in the Far East. You will get to cross two continents from Europe to Asia without leaving Russia (image by Yuri Zhuck).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Moscow to Vladivostok Longest Train Rides in the World

Moscow to Beijing (via Harbin)

The route is operated by Russia’s Trans Siberian Railway uniquely stands as the record holder for having the maximum number of reliable long distance passenger trains. Its also the second longest rail journey in the word as it covers an astounding 8, 984 kilometers. To get to Beijing it will take a total of 144 hours, approximately six days. The train departs weekly and does 44 total stops. It’s important to note that the train is jointly owned by the Russia and china railway companies.

Moscow to Beijing (via Ulan Bator)

This is the third longest rail journey in the world and covers an incredible distance of 7,826 kilometers. It’s also called the Trans Mongolian route, among its stops is Mongolia and China. The journey last for 131 hours which is approximately equivalent to 5 days.

Guangzhou to Lhasa

Guangzhou is in china while Lhasa is in Tibet; the two cities are operates by Qing Tibet Railway and also happens to the world’s largest rail journey that’s outside of Trans Siberian Railway. The journey covers a distance of 4,980 kilometers that include of 10 stops. The entire journey lasts 54.5 hours or 2.25 days; this can be a perfect long journey especially for someone who has never experienced a long train journey.

Toronto to Vancouver

The amazing rail journey covers some 4,466 kilometers to get you from Toronto to Vancouver. The route is operated by VIA rail and makes a total of 6 stops along its way. The journey take 86 hours which is approximately 3.5 days which is quite a longer duration as compared to that of Guangzhou despite the distance being shorter.

Shanghai to Lhasa

The route is operated by the Qing Tibet Railway and covers a span of 4,373 kilometers which takes less than 48 hours to cross through, this approximately two days.(image by Robert Taylor).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Shanghai to Lhasa Longest Train Rides in the World

Sydney to Perth

The Great Southern Railway stretches from the East coast of Australia to that of the West a total of 4,286 kilometers in approximately 83 hours. This is equivalent to 3.5 days perhaps because the train makes 53 stops on its way.

Try these train routes that will also give you a chance to see great cities and towns and if you happen to have a travelers pass, you can even walk some few minutes in the town before getting back to the train. You might also consider other routes which might be taking less time and covering shorter distances.


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