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The 6 Best Dives Sites in Indonesia

Indonesia diving zones give you the experience to gaze your eyes upon over three thousand species of different fish, with rich teeming reef and amazing array of diversity.  As you dive, you are also able to spot the graceful Manta rays grinding through the waters.  With beautiful marine to see, you can dive throughout the year.  With many diving sites in the Indonesia, we have the exception of having the best six, which are.

Papua, Raja Ampat Island

Island the diving experience in Papua gives you diversity and beauty of the sea.  You can enjoy the coral reefs and the many species of the fish.  Known as the richest place for marine life in this world Raja Ampat gives you the best biodiversity of weird and rare species of underwater creatures.  Has both hard and soft coral, teeming reef life makes it the best place to take underwater photography.  Many big fish and white and black tip sharks are spotted around this diving site.  Whales and dolphins are seen in this area.(image by Will Zebua).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Papua, Raja Ampat Island Best Dives Sites in Indonesia

East Nusa Tenggara Komondo Rinca

The diving site has diversity combination of coral reefs and marine life.  The current is usually strong making it challenging and exciting.  With untouched and superb coral reef, big fish and pelagic fish give a diver unforgettable time.  Here you will be able to see numerous back tip and white tip reef shark.  You can see the bigger shark and the hammerhead shark if you are a lucky person.  Manta rays are available throughout the year and especially the rainy season.  The current is very strong.

North Sulawesi: Lembeh Strait, Bitung

The place is known for muck diving.  The best place for macro photographer and for those who are critter lovers.  It is a place to discover the incredible bio diversity.  While muck diving you will be able t see the most beautiful, unique, weirdest creatures.  While muck diving you can discover rare underwater creatures and coral reefs.

North Sulawesi: Bunaken Island, Manado

The waters around the islands are so deep and terrific to dive in.  With many species of fish around you can spot a manta ray and macro species, are many.  Black tip reef sharks and sea turtles are there in variety.  The large sharks can be spotted at some points. (image by Matt Kieffer).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - North Sulawesi Bunaken Island Best Dives Sites in Indonesia
Bali: Tulamben

With a beautiful shipwreck which has a fantastic play ground, the must visit for any diver.  For beginners you can just go near the wreck while the experienced divers can explore further the wreck and look for bow gun that is covered along the coral.  Sea horse can be seen at the Tulamben diving site.

You need the correct diving gear and the guide of experience diver.  It is advisable to do diving accompanied by a guard who knows the area well.  Diving in Indonesia give you the chance to experience the underwater and its unique creatures in an unforgettable manner.  For experienced divers the six best diving sites are just for you.


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