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The 5 Most Popular Greek Islands

The exotic and beautiful Greek islands are so luring, every year, thousands of tourist flock to these islands which make them to be ranked among the top islands tourist destinations. However, Greek has hundreds of islands that you can choose from; it can thus be hard to plan a trip to these islands. In this regard, we have come up with top Greek islands that will help you maximize on your travel experience, check them out.

This island is characterized by long clean strips of white beaches that roll in undulating farmlands rich in wheat, corn, olives, figs and grapes. The island has some great beaches, great historical sites and beautiful landscapes besides the relaxing atmosphere. You can explore the ancient ruins at the market place, 14th centuries fortress that were built by the knights of Saint Johns or get to the charming city center that full of white washed buildings where you can find your type of nightclubs, bars, restaurants as well as hotels.(image by MY PHOTOS)

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Paros is one of Greek’s most picturesque islands that are full of charming old towns made of cobblestone and white washed buildings that are encompassed by vibrant vines of bougainvillea.  Amazing The Island is very convenient courtesy of the ferry connection. You will fall in love with the islands incredible nightlife, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Paros beaches are charming as well, they come in various dimensions, from the quiet and remote beaches to the crowded beaches which are famous for windsurfing competitions, and you will definitely fall in love with the experience.


Samos is considered as the sunniest holiday destination in entire europe, you will definitely love the stunning pebble beaches, crystal cear waters and clean waters ideal for scuba diving as well as snorkelling. Apart from these fun filled water activities, the island further offers you incredible instructors who are more than willing to help you learn these activities if you have no experience. You can also get to some of samos most significant sites like the Temple of Hera, Eupalinain aqueduct that’s regarded as the marvel of ancient engineering among many others.


Chio is separated from turkey by a narrow strait; however this does not deter the place from becoming an ideal place for incredible sightseeing. You can get to the NeaMoni which is the most notable historical site that’s located right in the heart of the island, you can also join other thousands of visitors in exploring the various medieval villages that are encompassed by ancient walls as well as ancient towers. Get yourself some of the tulips that are grown in the area too. If you are lucky to visit during the Easter holidays, you will be lucky to see the traditionalists doing their thing in the town of Vrontados which is climaxed by a friendly church war during the Easter service.(image by MUcar1)

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From its blending ethnic cultures to contrasting landscapes, the islands offer you probably the most of all islands in Greece. There are a number of charming ancient towns that are laced with wonderful architectural styles of ancient Greek. You will definitely enjoy the islands vibrant nightlife which will be the climax of your visit

Greek has many islands that are really worth visiting, make sure you explore these and other islands the next time you will be on vacation, you will definitely cherish the moments.

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