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St. Lucia as a Boosting Tourist Attraction. Check it

St Lucia’s beauty provides a perfect setting for amazing adventures, from mountain climbing, underwater discovery to exploring forests, you will definitely find something that you love for you. Long ago people fought to preserve it but today it’s an enchanted place full of solace. You will therefore having the opportunity to go golf in Jack Nicklaus footsteps or to ride a bike on a mountain trail, jog along its beaches or party under the Caribbean stars. Here are some St. Lucia’s greatest attractions

The Pitons

The pitons are St. Lucia’s prime topographic features that are made of twin towering peaks that soar above the sea to great altitudes. The large of them all is the Gros Piton which is more of to the south and stands at 798 meters above the sea level which is then followed by Petit Piton standing at 750 meters. They are believed to have been formed by natural volcanic activity that’s presumed to have occurred 300,000 to 200,000 years ago. You can explore them under water as they are very difficult to climb.(image by Connie Serratt).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Pitons St. Lucia as a Boosting Tourist Attraction

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay is arguably one of the most stunning by in St Lucia, you can view it best from the vista point that stands between the bay and Caribbean coastal route. You will love to see the yacht bob on the blue bay’s water that is alongside the pretty fringed beach. It is believed that its harbor is one of the deepest harbors in the world, a rich history revolves around it, and it’s believed that British fleets once hid from the French by covering their masts using palm fronds. There are water shuttle that ferry people from the bay to the hotels at either sides.

Anse Chastanet Marine National Park

Get to the coral reef harbours at Anse Chastanet which is a treasure of sea life that varies across the depths. At two to eight meters, you will have the opportunity to interact with colored sponges, brain corals, boulder corals and soft corals. In the coral gardens you will have the chance to see barracudas, chromis, wrasse, goatfish, parrotfish, while in the caverns you will get the frogfish. Progressing deeper to depths of 46 meters will get you in a whole different ecosystem the lace coral ecosystem that inhabited by eels, crabs and lobsters. Plate corals are found at 30 meters depth. Outside the waters is a nice a sheltered that you will just love to relax on.


Wrapped around a striking bay is the fishing village, Soufriere which you can best view from the raised road on Vieux Fort. Its town was first established in 1745 which by then only features a town square that was home to the Church that was assumed to be of Blessed Virgin Mary. With a rich history you will learn of the 1780 guillotine that was erected by the French in town square, this was where families as well as plantation farmers were executed.(image by Philippe).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Soufriere St. Lucia as a Boosting Tourist Attraction

St Lucia is a nice place to visit, its rich history and many sightseeing sites is what makes it a favorite tourist destination, visit St Lucia and see these sights among many others, you will definitely love the visit.


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Feature image by Grijze Doffer


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