Spent you time in sheer luxury at the Notting Hill Hotel, London

Notting hill is a premier location in London. It is the heart of the city, located in Bayswater, and in close connections to Queensway and Hyde Park. It is a quiet and lively part of the city, where visitors travel regularly. Having proper accommodation facility is absolutely essential in such a location, and proper solution is provided by Shaftsbury Hotel collection. The hotels location offers a wide range of benefits as you can reach the London Heathrow and other two major airports with great convenience.

London Premier Notting Hill is one of the best hotels in the chain of hotels located close to Hyde Park in Bayswater. They provide great accommodation and food solutions along with a number of great complimentary services. They fit in perfectly with the vibe of the environment. The hotel itself has a very appealing look and the structure reflects sheer grandeur.

Locational advantage

Bayswater is located in the city of Westminster, and is a beautifully designed city. The surrounding places like Hyde Park, Queensway etc are equally beautiful. There are many things to see when you visit these places. It is important to have a centrally located hotel so that you can travel to all the places that are worth seeing without having much trouble. This hotel provides you with just that opportunity.

Exclusive room service

Having complimentary services is very necessary for hotels these days. Enough is not enough anymore, and everybody wants something extra. Internet has become an integral part of modern living and having fast internet connection in the hotels is a necessity. The Noting Hill keeps up to all these expectations and offers free Wi-Fi services to their guests and other than that they have a long list of complimentary services like free toiletries and hair drier. Most of the hotel room has a 32 inch plasma TV and also provide an iron and ironing board for the guest’s privilege. Each room has an electronic door lock to maintain the guest’s privacy and safety.

Quality management

The Hotel management is excellent in serving their guest and the hotel also has multi-lingual staff to can interact with foreign guests who are no comfortable with English. The hotel has a gym for health and fitness conscious guests who prefer a morning or evening workout to keep their body in shape. The hotel also has a restaurant and a bar which offers international delicacies and the poison of your choice.

Safety and Security

The hotel has a no-smoking policy and do not encourage guests to smoke within the premises. The hotel also has a very advances security system which includes a 24 hour CCTV camera to monitor the public areas and in order to maintain the safety of the guests they have smoke detectors and fire alarms. The hotel also provides pick-up and drop off services for their esteemed guests from all the nearby air-ports.

They have a wide range of rooms and suits to fill up all your luxury wishes and you will surely relive the memories of your visit.

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