How to Spend 48 Hours in Perth

Perth is a fantastically vibrant city, with a lot of things happening wherever you look. It can be difficult to figure out what to prioritise when you are only on a short visit. If you have just 48 hours to spend in Perth – for instance, a weekend – then we have calculated the best way to spend it. Here’s how to enjoy all of the great attractions this city has to offer in just two days.

First Morning

Get up early for the morning of your fist visit to Perth. You don’t have any time to spare! Head to the Kings Park and Botanical Gardens, an area where you can get a view of the whole city as well as the surrounds. It’s a lovely place for a walk, so enjoy it early while you have the energy to explore at will. Admire the flora and birds which live here, mostly of native varieties, and spend a quiet moment at the war memorial. As lunchtime approaches, head down to the shops and cafes of the Aspect of Kings Park. Take a quick lunch and pick up a few gifts if you want something to take home with you. You can also admire some art produced by local artists in the galleries if you have time before heading on to the afternoon’s activities.

First Afternoon

Head back into the city proper and aim for Barrack Square Jetty. This is a lively area where most boats set off from, and you’ll want to get on one of them. The river tours take you up and down the Swan River, admiring the cityscape as it unfolds before you. Your guide will point out all of the interesting parts of the city that you will see when you are walking around it. You can also admire the more expensive homes on the waterfront, as well as watching others enjoy kayaking or sailing on the river.

Swan Valley

The tour will only take a couple of hours at most, so afterwards, why not try one of these activities for yourself? If you’re feeling less adventurous, take the whole afternoon on a Swan Valley tour – you will find dinner and drinks included. If you stay in the city, make sure to try one of the more acclaimed restaurants – there are a few celebrity chefs here, and it would be rude to go home without trying at least one of them.

Second Morning

If you have a hotel in the centre of Perth you might want to arrange transport, as the Perth Zoo is actually about 3 kilometres away. Here you can admire the highlights of Australian wildlife: Kangaroos, Kookaburras, Koalas, and other native species that don’t just begin with ‘k’. There are all kinds of creatures on display here, from all parts of the world, and you could easily spend a whole day wandering lazily from display to display. Since time is of the essence, you will want to speed around as quickly as possible. You can stay at the zoo for lunch or head back into Perth as your schedule dictates.

Second Afternoon

Once you get back from the zoo, it’s time to head out to enjoy the hot rays of the afternoon sun. Where better to do that than on the beach? Cottesloe Beach is just 15 minutes from the city centre, so it’s the one that we will be recommending for your quick visit. Come to sit on the luxurious sands, admire the pines crowding on the skyline, and swim in the crystal-clear waters.

Cottesloe Beach

Later on, as the sun begins to set, you can see the way the light paints buildings and sand in pink tones. Then it’s time to head into the streets and seek out one of the relaxed café-style eateries for dinner. What a way to say goodbye to Perth: enjoying local food in Perth prepared the local way, in one of the thriving hotspots of the city.

There are so many things to see and do in Perth that spending a week or more here would always be preferential. But since your time is limited, following this schedule will give you the best chance of satisfaction with your stay. It’s the highlights of Perth, all condensed into one quick whistle-stop tour.

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