Southern California is a Great Place to Vacation in Winter

Arguably, the best California has to offer is in its southernmost region of Los Angeles, Anaheim, and San Diego. For snowbirds, Southern California is the best because it’s warm and lovely even when all the other states are experiencing cold. The Pacific Coast stretches a long 840 miles, but why bother with the north (where it’s chilly) when the south’s daytime temperatures rarely dip below a comfortable 60 degrees?

Where to Stay in Southern California

Resorts offer the most in terms of amenities and location. For example, Welk timeshares is a resort-style lodging that offers multiple pools, recreation centers, and resort activities. Pick a resort location that’s nearby the attractions you’re most excited to see. For example, you can stay at the Welk resort in San Diego to be nearby the zoo and beaches. Or, you can stay in Palm Springs where temperatures are slightly warmer.

Despite being a timeshare, the Welk Resort Group offers nightly reservations. You don’t have to buy to stay and play, but chances are you will fall in love with the resort and wish to return year after year. Being that the resorts have been honored with Gold Crowne status from Resort Condominiums International, the resorts offer the best winter stay in Southern California.

Welk Resort

What to See in Southern California

If you’re brave, you can take a plunge in the cold ocean; although winter isn’t necessarily a great time for swimming. Instead, hit up some of the more popular sightseeing destinations, such as Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Disneyland. The sprawling metropolis that is Los Angeles offers a lot in terms of sightseeing, and the boardwalk at Santa Monica beach is three miles of beach fun with 245 acres of sand, meandering bike paths and walkways, and a games and rides.

Located nearby the LaBrea Tar Pits is the Page Museum. It’s a natural landmark where tar has seeped through the ground trapping prehistoric animals. Today, the tar pits are a paleontological dig site.

Although not as large, there’s still plenty to do in San Diego. The San Diego Zoo is arguably the best zoo in the country (perhaps even the world). And, the coastline offers fun family activities, such as going aboard ships and eating fish tacos.

Amusement Parks and Zoos Galore

Disneyland is an obvious family-friendly activity. Many families consider their trip to Disneyland the highlight of their S

Southern California vacation. It’s located east of Los Angeles and is the birthplace of Disney. Today, Disneyland Resort is made up of Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney.

You could do a multiple park getaway and hit up Universal Studios, which is located nearby Disneyland. With thrilling theme park rides and entertainment, Universal Studios Hollywood is an attraction your family won’t soon forget. Highlights of Universal include, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, a real working movie studio, The Simpsons Ride, and Jurassic Park the ride.

Universal Studios Hollywood

For animal lovers, San Diego has the most to offer, but Los Angeles has a great zoo too. Maybe you can do both on your vacation. The LA Zoo includes 133 acres of fun family adventure, including the Winnick Family Children’s Zoo, which gives young children the opportunity to explore a cave, a desert trail, and watch for prairie dogs through specially designed pop-up bubbles.

About an hour’s drive north of San Diego is a mine where families are welcome to dig for gems. You probably won’t strike it rich, but you can mine your own tourmaline, purple kunzite, and pinky-peach-colored morganite.

Overall, Southern California has lots to offer people in the winter. You may not be frolicking in the surf (unless you don’t mind the cooler temperatures), but you’ll find the weather calm enough to enjoy lots of outdoor activities. It’s among the best places to vacation any time of year.


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