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Six Things You Must Know Before Going to a Foreign Country

Before you make a move to go to another country, it is important you do a thorough research on that country.  Going to another country is not as easy as it, looks you need to know the ups, and down that, you will face in that county.  The six things that you should know before going to a foreign county are.


Communication is very essential when it comes expressing yourself.  Not many countries have English as their first language and not make many people in some countries can express themselves clearly in English.  Before you move to a country check whether their first language is English and if not, try to learn the language and especially the basic words so that can communicate effectively.  Also when you get there try to study and communicate with their language.(image by heyhellomelo).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Language Before Going to a Foreign Country

It is true that whenever we go we will try to stay safe, but with knowledge of the crime rate in the country you want to go is important. Every country has street crime so it is important to know the kind of jewel to wear when there and the valuable things that you can carry around.  It is also important to know how certain countries react when it comes to raising an alarm and where to report crime committed.

Working and doing business.

If you plan to go to a foreign country to work or start a business, it is important you know the laws that govern foreign workers in the country.  You should research based on how to start a business, what you need and how to go about it.  Many foreign countries need you to have work permit research whether you are qualified for a work permit.


Most countries require you to have a visa.  Many countries have embassies in every county, you should check whether it is possible to get the visa on the airport or you apply at the embassy in your country.  The type of visa depends on the reason for going for that country.  Most countries have residents, tourism and student visas.  The tourism visa has shorter period while the resident’s visa can lead to permanent residence.

The culture and food.

Food and culture of different countries are different from country to country.  You should research on the kind of food that is available.  You should also check whether they have fast food.  Research more on the culture shock that you can experience.  Learn more on how to adapt to the culture.(image by See-ming Lee).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - culture and food Before Going to a Foreign Country

You should check whether the county you are going you could use an international insurance.  You should research on the hospitals around the place you are staying.  The various specialist doctors and the cost of medicines.  If possible, carry some common medicines with you.

Going to a foreign country is not easy, the culture shock, technology shock and also rules and regulations that govern that country could be very different from what you are used to, research more before making the move.


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