Shaftesbury International- Appropriate for Businessmen and General Tourists

London, which is the business center of Great Britain, is always seen to be very active and alive. Here, you can find that business and amusement go hand in hand. In almost all the aspects London leads the whole world. As it is situated in the focal point of world business, city hotels and other activities, London attracts a large number of tourists. From business to standard hotels, Shaftesbury Hyde Park International is really one of the well-known and major service oriented exclusive business hotels.

Ultramodern hotel rooms with friendly staff

The hospitality of the hotels has changed the idea of warmth and affability. The genuineness with which the hotels serve up its customers is in fact wonderful. Absorbing the most modern fashions in interiors as well as culinary disciplines, the Shaftesbury hotels present its customers the excellent in everything.

The Hyde Park hotels are situated in and around the aristocratic area of Hyde Park. These are ideal for any business tourist. Take pleasure in the advantage of the best location while you carry out your business conferences. They are only a step away from main centers or the business sites.

Shaftesbury Premier London is very close to the highly celebrated Hyde Park of the city and Paddington, the business hub of London. Its closeness to the railway station of Paddington, the underground station as well as Heathrow airport makes it a great option for expected travelers and industrialist.

Besides, Shaftesbury Hyde Park lodges with their tinge of majestic association, brings high spirits. The lavishly built elegant rooms with their modern interiors stand an indication to it. The soft lighting of the rooms provides for an ideal relaxation after you work hard all through the day. These lavish rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art systems and other regular qualities. Free broadband system, janitor service, laundry and dry clean service on the same day, multi-lingual personnel and bar restaurant service are some of the aspects.

Enjoy different amenities and activities

The different hotels include different amenities for their visitors and the Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park can give twenty four hours reception service by the personnel of the hotel in addition to the luggage room amenities. The rooms have special machines, which detect smoke and then give out alarms when the machine identifies smoke at any time. In this way, the staffs always make the rooms a fully nonsmoking zone and also give door keys to lock electronically for improved protection or safety. The rooms of some discount hotels of London also include this electronic safe in every room so that you can keep things there.

The breakfast is obtainable in the stores within the premises. The English dishes and continental breakfast- all are really good to experience for the new visitors. The hotels moreover have club rooms intended for the members and the tourists and it lets the busy business individuals and the fun loving family tourists to come in the club to take pleasure in a few drinks. The tourists can also choose the swimming pools and the outstanding gym amenities. They can even read daily newspapers and get mineral water from those clubs. Thus the Shaftsbury hotel chains can really offer you the best things of London besides the accommodation.

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