Rediscover Your Love of Skiing: A Mini-Guide to Get Your Body Ready

There are a number of skiers and snowboarders who have previously enjoyed a love affair with the slopes but have “not been in touch” for a couple of years for differing reasons.

Whilst it might be awkward to pick up the phone and rekindle an old flame, it is thankfully nowhere near as difficult to dust off the skis or the snowboard and rediscover your love affair with the mountains.

The Australian National Tourist Office have launched a Ski Again campaign in collaboration with Inghams and Ski Total to tempt you back onto the slopes and with the added incentive of fresh air and lots of fun in plentiful supply when you arrive on your holiday, now is a good time to get your body ready for the adventure ahead.

Get in shape

To get the most out of your skiing or boarding trip, you will need to get in shape.

Details of the Ski Again packages can be found if you click here, but as they are primarily aimed at tempting people back who have not been on the slopes for a few years, you may want to follow something like the outline of this six week plan to help prepare your body for the action ahead.

You will probably know from past experience that if you haven’t been working out before you get on the slopes, you might be in a spot of bother, so work on getting your legs up to speed and also aim to get cardio levels and upper body & core strength into shape too.

After you have done your ten minute cardio warm-up, try doing some sumo squats and single-leg lateral leaps.
Sumo squats involve standing with your feet apart wider than your hips and with your toes turned outwards. Then squat as low as you can just like a sumo wrestler whilst keeping your heels on the ground and your back straight. Repeat this exercise about 15 times if you can.

Single-leg lateral leaps is where you jump laterally with one leg raised off the ground and the standing leg slightly bent at the knee.

Great cardio exercise can include swimming and running for between 30 and 60 minutes in each session. Follow a routine like this for about six weeks or get a personal trainer to work out a programme and you will be in much better shape when the time comes to hit the slopes again.

Working out your biomechanics

Biomechanics is all about training your body to move in the most efficient way possible and helping to prevent an injury when you put in under strain, such as carving up the slopes.

A good starting to working out how to be the mechanic of your own body is to stand in front of the mirror at home and then adopt your customary skiing position. Take in aspects like how your knees line up and try to imagine holding an edge and feel how this impacts on your knees and joints.

It might sound complicated but just 30 reps in front of the mirror using the correct alignment that feels right, will soon train your body to respond in the correct way when you are actually doing it for real on the snow.

Modern ski equipment and facilities like the SkiWorkShop that can be booked as part of the Ski Again promotion, make it easier than ever before to rekindle your love affair with slopes, so what are you waiting for?

Lara Perkins is a ski instructor and blogger. She likes to share her insights and experiences by posting online. Her articles can be found on skiing and outdoor sports blogs.

Image by Ali Rainsbury under cc license


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