Popular honeymoon destinations in and around the Middle East

A honeymoon is intended to be the start of a new chapter together as one for you and your spouse, and what better way to begin this journey with your loved one, when you jet off to your chosen destination, than by flying in complete luxury? More couples are now opting to fly privately through reputable charter services such as Chapman Freeborn, who ensure your trip is one to remember for the rest of your lives! Below is a guide to some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in and around the Middle East. 


Dubai has become one of the most visited parts of the world since its remarkable development, including the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It has emerged as a business city in full flow, and cultural hub within the Persian Gulf region. On top of that, Dubai is also a popular destination for many Saudi Arabian’s to visit too. Due to its many luxuries, Dubai makes for the perfect honeymoon destination. Luxury resorts including One & Only Royal Mirage and Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah, as well as beautiful landscapes, architecture and tranquil resorts encourage many couples to visit Dubai.


Egypt might be famous for its iconic pyramids and camel rides across the desert, but this country is also the perfect destination for honeymooners to escape.

Spend your time in regal splendour, enjoying the shore of Egypt’s Red Sea, living like pampered Sheik’s and Queens. Though Egypt is the oldest tourist destination on earth, honeymooners choose this destination to marvel at the wonders of the Nile Valley, souqs and mosques, and the natural wonders of the Red Sea with its clear blue water, crystal white sand, colourful coral and relaxed lifestyle.

The Red Sea, Egypt

The Red Sea, Egypt

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is seductively romantic. Its modern architecture and cultural heritage, combined perfectly with the beauty of the desert, Arabic hospitality with a modern vibe, and pristine sandy white beaches makes it a popular honeymoon destination. Newlyweds can enjoy their days lounging by the pool in luxurious hotels and resorts, or by going on exciting tours. Spend the evenings dining out in some of the country’s finest restaurants and taste the true flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine. Go for long romantic strolls along the famous Corniche road and take advantage of the spectacular views that Abu Dhabi has to offer.


If you are looking to experience a honeymoon full of breathtaking scenery in a country that is full of history and beautiful architecture and stunning weather then Turkey makes the perfect destination. Experience romantic cruises along the Mediterranean coastline as you enjoy fine Turkish dining, passing the remains of ancient palaces and castles along the way. Visiting the capital, Istanbul, will leave you in the presence of historical buildings and lively towns full of delicious local food and stunning resorts to enjoy your stay.


Cappadocia, Turkey


It’s only fitting that the island of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is the perfect honeymoon destination for loved up couples. Romance aside however, Cyprus offers stunning scenery of mountains and pine forests and is rich in culture. Full of beautiful beaches, particularly in the city of Larnaca, it is the ideal island to spend time as newlyweds.


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