Paris – Rich Artistic & Political History

The city of Paris tends to have an interesting history which dates back to the third century BC and hence it is filled with various and appealing sites to be explored. It is the cultural, political and intellectual capital of France and is also known as a great holiday destination with millions of tourists from all over the world visiting the city all through the year. Visitors travelling from San Francisco could avail the benefit of the best price for flights from san francisco to paris to visit the French capital and enjoy a vacation in the city which is called the city of love. The ambiance which is still maintained has an amazing effect on the visitor who tends to visit this city. Located on the crossroads of Europe and in close proximity of the English Channel together with the other planned areas for military and trade, Paris is considered as a centre in Europe. Paris is the only most visited city in the world drawing numerous immigrants, intellectuals, expatriate artists as well as global traders for centuries, due to its vibrant economy, rich artistic and political history, its numerous and appealing sites of interest, amazing architecture, cultural life and its general high standard of living.

Paris – Well Deserved Reputation

For those taking off from Los Angeles to Paris, could purchase tickets at economical price for flights from los angeles to paris for their vacation to the French capital which could be beneficial to them in terms of good pricing. Provision for numerous daily flights has been done with 8 – 9 hour time difference based on daylight saving time for the benefit of the tourists which travellers need to be aware of. Detailed information is made available at the site for additional statistics. Paris is said to have a well-deserved reputation for being the most attractive as well as a romantic city overflowing with historic association and yet being greatly significant in the realms of culture, fashion, art, food and design. Named as the City of Light – La Ville Lumiere and Capital of Fashion, it is said to be a home to the finest as well as the most luxurious cosmetics and fashion designers in the world namely the Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint-laurent, Guerlain, Lancome, L’Oreal to mention a few.

Various Iconic Landmarks

A huge location of the city comprising of the River Seine has been considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After Tokyo, the city is said to have the second highest ranking of Michelin restaurants in the world. The city has various iconic landmarks like the most visited site – the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral the Louvre Museum, Moulin Rouge, Lido and much more. There are also attractive cemeteries in the midst of the city walls of Paris and according to a writer Pere Lachaise is said to be one the loveliest one. Besides hosting graves of famous personalities the cemetery tends to be a beautiful place for mediating and strolling along. It is also pleasant to go up the slopes of the cemetery and view down at the city of the dead below. Paris has remarkable sites to explore and tourist can take back many cherished memories after their vacation at this amazing destination.

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