Parents Make Love Twice A Week on Holiday

Recent research by an online UK travel agency has revealed some interesting intimacy habits about parents who venture away on holiday with their children, discovering that most will make love twice over the course of a seven-day break.

The study was put together by the team at Sunshine, who decided to ask 1,276 parents about their making-love habits when they ventured away with the whole family. Each parent had been away on a family holiday at least once over the past twelve months and each also had children who were under 10-years-old.

The results suggested that a lot of parents now have to make-do with bedroom sharing with their children. This was discovered in the question which asked if their children slept in the same room or area on the holiday, with 78% responding that they shared.

family hotel room

From this point on, the team at Sunshine opted for a cheekier approach. They asked respondents if they had tried to make love whilst the children were asleep in the same area and the results become even more surprising, with 34% of parents admitting that they had engaged intimacy whilst the kids were around in the same room.

However, 41% took a slightly more cautious approach. This group instead took to a different room, with the bathroom usually being the area of choice. 55% of respondents said that this was the main alternative, followed by 38% who said that their own bedroom was used as the primary place for intimacy.

There was also a group who decided to refrain from any making-love activity whilst holidaying with the family. This group made up 11% of the survey and while some said that they wouldn’t make love at home anyway, 63% admitted that they just felt that the risk of their children overhearing or seeing them was too great.

It seems as though this tip-toing approach makes some parents enjoy the holiday less than they really should. The poll found out that 86% of respondents would enjoy the getaway much more if their children did not accompany them, with 32% of this group suggesting that parenting on holiday was just too tiring. Similarly, 27% admitted that the trip would be a lot more relaxing if they didn’t have the kids to look after.

family vacation with kids

Chris Clarkson, who is the Managing Director of Sunshine, said that the type of accommodation can be hugely significant for couples who wish to retain intimacy on a family break:

“Depending on the sleeping arrangements, it can be difficult to be passionate with your partner on a family holiday. If you do want to have some romantic moments, plan ahead before booking and consider this when selecting your accommodation type.

“An apartment with separate bedrooms would be better than a big family hotel room, as would a villa or connecting hotel rooms. It’s an awkward situation to get around, but there are ways to enjoy some privacy on a holiday with the kids and have some alone time.”


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