OLX has become the most sought after online classified for buying and selling. It has achieved this position through their innovative television campaign. You can use this famous online classified to check out if there are houses and apartments for rent in India, to but or sell anything and for many more purposes.

Television ad campaigns of OLX

The best part of their innovative ad campaign is their slogan which is “bech de” or “sell it” in English. Also they have made many innovative TV commercials which target the middle class Indian families. These advertisements show how easy it is for anyone who wants to sell or buy things through OLX.

Best feature of OLX ad campaigns

The best part about OLX is that it is very easy to use. In the past we have to go through those long classifieds in newspapers which is extremely time consuming and tedious. With OLX you can post an ad or search for a certain product that someone else is selling, in a matter of few minutes.

Another great feature that is exclusive to OLX is that they connect buyers and sellers. This gave rise to another one of their previous slogans “Where buyers meet sellers” which describes their service completely.

OLX’s online marketing strategy

OLX has tried to reach its customers by rigorous online campaigns as well. The OLX Facebook page has 5 million likes which goes to show its reach. But the heart of its campaign are its great commercials. Its impact has been really good that it has reached people of different age groups. So you don’t have to be surprised if an 8 year old kid wakes up to you and shows you how to sell a smartphone in OLX.

These ads not only how better their services are but also shows the experiences that different people had using OLX. Even people who are very conservative and use traditional ways of selling change their minds once they watch these ads and listen to the experiences of other traditionalists like themselves. Many people are getting attracted to OLX because it is very easy to use and extremely reliable.

As mentioned before, OLX is also taking the online route for its marketing. You can follow us on YouTube where you can find many OLX commercials. These commercials clearly explain the usefulness and ease of use of OLX. You can also find us on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and others.

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