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Nosing All Over the World — Ultimate Wine Destinations

If you’re a wine enthusiast then you may well have considered a pilgrimage to one of the world’s most famous wine growing regions. For the ultimate trip, though, why not take a wine tasting tour of the whole world? As well as sampling all your favorite tipples at their source, you can get a flavor of the cultures and visit some seriously beautiful destinations. Here are three essential stops on the ultimate tour.

New Zealand

If there’s one country’s wine that’s earned itself a place on the destination list of anyone who loves the grape, it is New Zealand wine. From crisp Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir to Chardonnay and full-bodied reds, the New Zealanders have wine making down to a fine art. The country’s magical mountain scenery, wilderness and harbor cities also make it a dream destination in its own right. You can start your adventure in the compact capital, Wellington, which is at the heart of New Zealand’s wine growing regions. From there you can mosey on to historic Hawke’s Bay where you can sample those full-bodied reds and enjoy a Mediterranean climate. Sail on to Marlborough to visit the vineyards where world-famous Sauvignon Blanc is produced. As well as rolling rural scenery you’ll have the sea on your doorstep, and can enjoy wild New Zealand at its best.(Image by mari)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - New Zealand Ultimate Wine Destinations


The next stop on the tour has to be South America, especially the Mendoza region. With hot weather and a unique culture to enjoy, you’ll definitely want to keep things relaxed and slow paced. There are hundreds of years of wine-making history to explore as well as a myriad of local specialties to taste. The malbec grape is one of the highlights and what the region is most famous for. Why not stay at a historic vineyard or farm and explore the surrounding countryside by bike?  You can enjoy local cuisine with your wine along the way with plenty of opportunities to sample Argentina’s sumptuous, succulent beef as well as the malbec grapes.


Now that you’ve taken in the New Zealand scenery and the legendary Argentine cuisine, it’s time to combine these assets with a generous helping of culture. The third and final stop on the tour is the beautiful Italian region of Tuscany, historic home to some of the world’s most celebrated artists, architects and sculptors as well as world-class wines. Medieval hilltop villages, art galleries crammed with masterpieces and heritage cities such as Pisa offer plenty of beauty and style to accompany your wine tasting adventure.(Image by Darren)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Italy Ultimate Wine Destinations

A world wine tour could easily become the trip of a lifetime as you enjoy award-winning tipples and stunning landscapes. Which destinations would you include on your own ultimate wine tour of the world?


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