New Upgrades to Your Horse Trailer

Like any other industry, there have been several changes in the way horse trailers are made today. Manufacturers have been regularly coming up changes to make horse trailers more customized, cheaper, safer and easier. At any point in time, you might want to scale up of down depending on your changing requirements. Let’s look at the new things currently available to horse trailers owners and buyers.


The most significant development has been in the types of materials used in new generation of horse trailers. Traditionally, horse trailers used to be made fully of aluminum, which were rust resistant but didn’t do that well to fight corrosion. Modern generation horse trailers are being made of galvanized steel, galvannealed steel, stainless steel and even powder coated steel. In the later scenario, the steel is stronger per pound and is further easier to repair, suffers less amount of damage, costs less and perfectly hold shape under pressure. Aluminum on the other hand tends to rip, tear, become too hot under the sun and corrode from alkaline (passed through manure and urine).

The design of stalls

In the past days, slant loading trailers were the best option in budget but they always created loading difficulty and safety issues. Modern manufacturers are however favoring a center loading designs. Though a bit longer than the usual three horse bumper pull trailers, they promote easy loading/unloading, provide a non-claustrophobic shelter, has a good air flow and is highly user friendly.


As compared to the halogen bulbs used the trailers of the past, LED lighting in modern trailers provide long lasting, brighter and more energy efficient alternatives. LED also comes in unique strips that can be put throughout the ceiling for a more friendly illumination. LED lights are also safer as they don’t heat up and injure the animal.

Improved locks

Modern day trailers also integrate a safer locking system, preventing against any accidents and thefts. Paddle latches of today come with key locking system on both side and rear doors.

Customizable sizes

In the past couple of years, manufacturers have answered the need for customized heights, lengths and widths for horse trailers. Further, trailers are being designed to provide better balance to the animals, allow them to stretch their heads during transit and be more comfortable. This has greatly reduced the loss of sickness, anxiety and stress for the animals.


Modern day horse trailers offer improved aerodynamics and add to fuel savings. You might have come across 45 degree sloped front models advertised by several manufacturers.

More options

Buying a trailer isn’t anymore restricted to your local dealer. The internet has given the option to check and purchase models from any part of the country and also look for the best pricing. Websites also offer the advantages of more information, in-depth specifications and other things that helps make a choice.

If you haven’t researched about horse trailers for some time now, we are pretty sure that the options available today will surprise you. Do your own research and you should be able to come across amazing products.


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