Make your UK trip extreme with these destinations

Have you ever wanted to leap out of a helicopter from a dangerous height, career down a dirt track, shoot at imaginary birds or climb up a startlingly high glacier? Well, you’re not alone in your daydreams – in the world of extreme sports,you’re even in the majority.

The UK plays host to a near endless catalogue of extreme sports that will put your heart in your mouth, get your blood pumping and let you live on the edge.

We’ve rounded up a few of the most extreme events across the British Isles for you to give a go.

Slide into a Segway

Situated in Chepstow, the Segway driving experience is a pioneering new extreme sport that will give you a blast of adrenaline like you’ve never experienced.

Taking place within an old quarry, the Segway Active course is full of tricky turns, treacherous terrain and high speeds that can be adjusted for all ages. The only way to appreciate this adrenaline rush is to experience it yourself, so pop along and feel the thrill.

ice climbing

Get picky with your ice

An offshoot of mountaineering, ice climbing lets you tackle a treacherous wall of artificial ice with just a pick, a safety rope and your wits. Situated in three places across the UK (London, Manchester and Lochaber), there’s plenty of locations to choose from.
It’s a singular experience that could only be matched by actually tackling a glacier. (Image by tommy martin)

Take a shot at some clay

Despite their grim and deadly reality, holding a gun feels like a right laugh. And if you’re shooting at clay pigeons, the fun factor is undeniably high. In Dorset, you’ll get exactly that chance.

With an expert guide, taking aim and firing a shot will become second nature in no time. With just one bull’s-eye hit, you’ll have a chest more puffed up than a cockerel in mating season. Give it a go – it’s undeniably fun.

Face up to the skies – with a bit of help

Jumping out of a plane that’s thousands of feet in the air might sound like a suicide mission, but when it’s coupled with a parachute and a good friend, it becomes a whole load of fun.

A good old tandem skydive is one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever feel – the wind rushing through your hair as you race towards the ground, before a parachute opens and your plummet transforms into a gentle drift.

It’s not for everyone – those with vertigo or a fear of flying might want to steer clear – but the feeling of a complete loss of control for a while can be one of the best you can have.

Featured Image by Camlin Photography


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