Luxury Living in London and The Shard

London is the house to some of the world’s best super luxury hotels at least when you consider urban periphery. O doubt London is the city of royalty and every year royals from all over the world come to this city to enjoy some quality time and quite obviously they make their stay in the exclusive 5 star properties of the city. In London you will get sufficient option for a luxury stay. The city’s rich and powerful also prefer to have their corporate stays in these 5-star hotels.Some of the super luxury properties of London are there for decades and they are reputed all over the world. This very fact also welcomes guest from different corners of the world who come to the English capital and choose these properties to enjoy eternal hospitality and royal treatment.

Rich heritage of the hospitality business in the city:

London is a city with a rich heritage and when it comes to hotels the heritage factor has a role to play here also. Some hotels are more than 100 years old like The Savoy London which was established in the 1889. The star hotel has been a royal choice for the rich and famous and the hotel made a lofty investment of over a 100 million GBP for its restoration and modernisation. All the major hotel chains in the world have at least one property in London as they all know the business potential of the city.

Montcalm Hotel Mable Arc

In the list of Luxury hotels in London, the Montcalm Hotel Mable Arc is a reputed property that gives a clarion call to visitors from all over the world. It perches over the posh area of Park Lane and offers easy access to some of the best addressed of London like Mayfair, Regent Street and Oxford. It has some exclusive luxury packages for their visitors and their service will no doubt make your feel royal.It will offer you a grand stay with all the luxury features incorporated in every luxury lifestyle package you choose.Their personalised service to each valued visitor makes you realise your importance.

Relaxation at its best

The hotel has 153 rooms which includes 14 suites to define classic luxury and other than that it has two gourmet restaurant and a champagne bar. In order to relax your stressed muscles, you can visit their exclusive spa and fitness centre. The place offers a rese carpet treatment with its Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. The spa offers a complete body treatment with facial and full body massages from skill therapists.

Redefining London Skyline

One of the latest attractions in the city of London is the Shard. It is a 87 floors high skyscraper that reigns the skyline of the city. The building has a full glass façade and the mammoth structure is no doubt a tourist attraction, especially after the observation desk on the 72nd floor was open on 1st February 2013. It has already got the reputation of being the second tallest free standing structure in UK.

Image by Luxury Collection Hotels under CC license


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