Leaving the Rat Race Behind: Retiring in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Sons and daughters often help parents decide on retirement destinations. Among reason to live anywhere, those who are specifically planning for elders consider pricing, safety, and niceties of neighbors.

Jackson Hole is among destinations mentioned in conversations related to retirement. Housing options and added exercise are two reasons to consider the area.

Mountain Life

Many talk about it, and a few make it a point to take regular vacations to ‘the mountains,’ yet few actually live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Teton Range and the Gros Ventre Range hugs the town, providing an unparalleled mountain feel. Whether parents enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, camping, skiing, and mountain activities, or prefer resting and viewing scenery by fireside, there’s no other living like that mountain life can offer.

Housing Options

It’s one thing to wish to live in a beautiful place; it’s another concern to have enough money to move there. Living in such a majestic and mountainous region doesn’t come cheap, yet diverse housing options exist and loans are available for those who apply. Additionally, depending on preference, elders get deals on small cottages, rustic and large-scale plantations, condominiums, and other housing options.


Buying property in such a well-sought and oft-traveled destination is an investment. Elders, living their twilight years, enjoy time in Wyoming before making a real estate victory. Those who lose their better halves and couples who age and no longer enjoy the activities sell at a profit, rent homes, or leave property to kin.

Convenient Living

Every son or daughter wants parents to live comfortably, and if living a distance away, conveniently too. Jackson Hole, a quaint and small town, offers a range of amenities all within a short distance. Elders access local airports, hospitals, grocery stores, fitness centers, and recreational facilities via roads or public transportation.

United Town

Jackson Hole is an intimate town filled with friendly townspeople devoted toward local and national philanthropic deeds. A number of organizations exist within the town and numbers of others pass through during festivals and campaigns. Sons and daughters rest assured parents are nestled among good people in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Tax Benefits

Elders live on a fixed income. Those living comfortably seek information regarding state and local tax. Jackson Hole is celebrated for its government’s repeal of retirement, state income, intangibles, estate, and inheritance taxes. Elders live more off less in Jackson Hole, which is another reason for kin to enjoy peace of mind.

Vacation Destination

Not to be selfish, but Jackson Hole is an international vacation destination. It’s incredibly convenient for mom and dad to live in such a popular and happening place. Rather present them with the hassle of having to visit you, you can now accept the pleasure of visiting them often and adopting the opportunity to ski, hike, camp, climb, and enjoy the mountains. Stay in a number of Jackson Hole luxury hotels rather than ‘bother’ your parents.

Ongoing exercise, safe and convenient access into town, reasonable prices and tax benefits, along with a charming and friendly town atmosphere are just a few reasons sons and daughters decide that Jackson Hole is a great place for parents to retire.

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