Kenyan Safari Raffle for Tusk’s 25th Birthday

Aardvark Safaris and Tusk have partnered in celebration of Tusk’s 25th Anniversary, and are giving away a free $28,000 trip for two to Africa to one lucky raffle winner!

Raffle tickets go for $100 apiece, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to Tusk to help them with their conservation efforts.  You can see all more information about the safari raffle here.


For the past 25 years, Tusk has been funding, initiating, and overseeing conservation, community development, and environmental education programs across Africa. The primary focus of their work has been on wildlife conservation, especially of African elephants, rhino, and big cats.

Since 1990, Tusk has invested over $40 million into its programs across the continent. Their goals extend beyond wildlife conservation: they also aim to ameliorate poverty in their protected regions through their sustainable development programs, leading to a healthier, wealthier, and better-educated Africa. This sustainable development also ties into Tusk’s conservation programs; as more people are educated about conservation and environmental protection, Africa will continue to grow and develop in a symbiotic fashion with its expansive and wholly unique natural landscapes.

Aardvark Safaris

Aardvark Safaris has been a global leader in tailor-made African safari vacations for over a decade.  Since the beginning, Aardvark Safaris has had a conservation first approach to travel and worked closely with its African partners to ensure sustainable travel.


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Feature image by Annette Haas

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