How to See the Best of Australia on a Budget

Australia forms one of the best places to visit in the world, especially for the people who love traveling and adventure. There are various fascinating and adventurous sites to visit in Australia. In summary, some of the special places to visit in Australia includes:

  • The Kimberley in Western Australia, which has one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world;
  • Wildlife, which is made up of animals like kangaroos, which are not common in other world states;
  • The sacred Uluru sandstone, which is in the Northern Territory, where thousands of tourists flock;
  • The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, which forms the biggest coral reef structure in the world and is rich in marine life and among other things the White haven beach which will provide you with a cool place for relaxation.


When considering a budget place to visit, there are plenty of places to see that will cost you absolutely nothing, like The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney which offers free events and exhibitions, The Art Gallery of South Australia includes early Australian colonial art, The Ian Potter Center in Melbourne that is completely dedicated to Australian art, Canberra District which if famous for its wines and many more.

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As the saying goes, beautiful things are hard to find and if found, they usually come at a cost. To avoid budget mishaps and successfully tour Australia at a low cost, consider the following tips:

  1. Travel Costs

With Australia being the sixth largest country in the world, you will have a variety of places to visit. Based on the time you have, there’s need to prioritize the places you need to visit to reduce traveling costs. Also, choose your traveling means wisely depending on your budget. For instance, it is usually hard to find a cheap mean of transport in East Coast than in West Coast because of the heavy population in the east. So while at East Coast, you can opt to travel by road using a tourist bus rather than flying which is more costly.

Australia map

  1. Accommodation Budget

In order to cut costs of accommodation, if you are relying on rental places, avoid the major cities which are usually more expensive and if you must shelter there, you can rent by midweek and opt for a change over the weekends which are more expensive due to higher demands. To save some of accommodation costs, you can instead opt to seek accommodation in some of the national parks, which offer free camping sites or charge low prices. Another cheaper option is hostels. If you opt to stay in hostels, fees are charged on an hourly basis so you can save money by only staying there during sleeping hours and resting in aquatic centers which are either free or charge minimal fees during the day.

  1. Shopping

When shopping, it is advisable to shop at specified supermarkets. Cole and Woolworths usually offer the most competitive prices so they may provide a cheaper place to cut off some of your shopping costs.

  1. Food

Though the Australian food is a treat to your hunger, if you travel on a budget, it is usually advisable to cook your own food when you travel in Australia because you will rarely get cheap food if you opt to buy ready food. If you must buy food, prefer shopping malls to restaurants, as they are cheaper.

  1. Drinking Costs

If you love alcohol, you will be forced to drink less unless you want to run out of your budget. Alcohol forms one of the most expensive pleasure in Australia so if you cannot avoid it, allocate a high percentage of your budget on it. In conclusion, Australia is one of the world’s most interesting places to visit, but requires a proper budget plan to avoid budget constraints when you visit there.


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