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How to Keep Healthy While Traveling

The travel schedule to most travelers is usually hectic. This requires one to consider a number of factors and tips that will help them check their health as they travel. Most of these tips have been proven and they include:

Stay Active and Exercise

One of the most important tips while traveling is staying active. Traveling involves sitting for long periods irrespective of whether you travel by air, road, trains or even ships. Staying active as you travel helps to stimulate your immune system as well as release endorphins, which help to keep the brain sharp. When making your stops, ensure that you visit your hotels fitness centre. Also consider walking to the restaurants and appointments instead of taking a cab. You can also stimulate your muscles by doing squats on your chair while on long flights.

Choose What You Eat Wisely

This is usually difficult especially because you stay in hotels and lack time to cook. However, there are a few known tips that can be very useful to ensure you eat properly. To start with, ensure that you carry snacks such as beef jerky, berries, dark chocolate, olives or even macadamia nuts. It is also important to have a big meal before leaving and once you are on the plane or car, you can take your snacks from time to time. It’s advised you also plan in advance on the hotels you will have your meals and choose basing on their menu.(Image by JustMe.Eleanor)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Choose What You Eat Wisely How to Keep Healthy While Travelling

Sleep and Rest

Besides being advised to stay active and exercise while traveling, it is also recommended that you rest. Those who travel especially for work find traveling stressful. It is very important you squeeze some time in you schedule to rest and sleep just as you would for any other commitment or appointment. If you find yourself busier to remember to rest, ensure you plan you day and probably get a reminder on your phone or computer to alert you when its time to rest. It will play a great role in maintaining good health if you get enough sleep as you travel, preferably 7 to 8 hours a day.

Ensure You are Adaptable and Flexible

Whenever we are traveling, things do not always work out as planned. Some times traveling can be a drag especially due to mix ups in the hotels, canceled or delayed flights and even bad food experiences. When you encounter some of these situations that can sometimes be beyond your control, you should use this events as opportunities. For instance, when the flights are delayed, you should use that time for answering calls, texts and emails that you had procrastinated. You should also use such situations to have some food especially if you were feeling agitated or shaky. In most airports and stops, you can always find some chicken, salads or even a burger.


Meditation has been proven to be a great way of reducing stress as well as anxiety. It also helps to increase your overall awareness as well as sharpen your mind. Learn of the various sitting meditation techniques that you can do for a few minutes while on your flight.(image by rmhealing)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Meditation How to Keep Healthy While Travelling

These are just a few but important tips that you can use to ensure that your next trip is healthy.


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