How to Enjoy the Airport, Stress-free Experience

airportAirports can be daunting places, don’t you find? I guess it’s because they’re so busy and frenetic, and everyone has their own concerns to worry about, so they’re not too bothered about taking things slowly!

If you’ve never been to an airport before, and you’re about to make your first appearance, or you simply find yourself getting flustered and confused about the whole palaver, breathe, take a minute, and read the tips below on how to not only survive the airport experience without your stress levels hitting the roof, but how to actually enjoy it too!

How you start your day is just as important as what you do during it, so begin as stress-free as possible and you’ll be onto a winner. I regularly use ParkBCP for booking my parking spot at the airport, and drive myself there, rather than using coaches and trains. I’ve gotten myself far too stressed with public transport in the past, so I just forgot it now and stick to what works for me! I’d recommend this for anyone who is able to drive, and you will find services available at most large UK airports, including cheap Heathrow parking for those flights from the capital! If you can arrive at the terminal door calm, then you will hopefully continue in that manner (image by Wei-Feng Xue).

Heathrow parking

Once you arrive at the airport, check in is your first port of call, to get rid of that rather large suitcase you’re dragging around with you! It’s an easy process, you simply look at the screen, find your flight number, and then go to the numbered desk indicated on the screen. There will no doubt be a queue, and you need to get used to the idea of queuing early on because this is what most of your day will be spent doing!

Airport security is probably what most people get in a fluster about, simply because it’s so fast moving, and if you’re not sure what to do then it’s easy to get stressed. Basically all you need to do is follow instruction. Your hand luggage will be scanned, and you need to remove your coat, belt, possibly your shoes, and possibly certain types of jewelry, and walk through a scanner. Once you’ve done that, you simply collect your belongings and head on your way to Duty Free! (image by World Duty Free Group).

Heathrow duty free

Try not to spend a fortune here, but this is where the fun and enjoyment starts! The boring part of the airport is over and now you can enjoy yourself, with bars, cafes, restaurants and shops to pass the time! Do be mindful of the screens, and check to see if you have a gate number displayed, because as soon as you do, it’s a good idea to head there, ready for boarding. If  you plan to travel with kids, here are 5 Ideas How to Relax Before Flying.

Enjoy a drink or two, but not too many, have a nice sit down meal, shop a little, and get yourself firmly in the holiday mood!


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Feature image by Nick Harris


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