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Honeymooning in Dubai – Don’t Miss Even One Romantic Spot

Are you trying to think of somewhere to go on your honeymoon? Somewhere hot and exotic where you can be as busy or as lazy as you like? Why not consider Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for guaranteed sunshine, luxury, and pampering – there’s no better place to begin your married life together.

For glittering modern architecture, white sandy beaches, and fabulous luxury hotels, the glamorous city-state of Dubai has got it covered. Dazzling Dubai is the high achieving member of the United Arab Emirates, the good looking popular one that everyone has heard of, and once you get here, you soon understand why. It’s a unique place built in the desert, towering over the crystal waters of the Arabian Gulf, attracting lovers of luxury and the high-life from across the world.

It’s this focus on luxury and high quality service that has gained Dubai a reputation as a honeymoon hotspot. Finding a hotel that isn’t a luxury pampering palace catering to your every whim is quite a tough ask, making it a brilliant place for relaxing together after the high-octane wedding celebrations. That said, among many great Dubai hotels on there are a select few that really over-deliver when it comes to looking after honeymooners.

Hot honeymoon hotel picks

Take the Dar Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah, for example – a hotel that offers a magical, memorable stay by the beach in Jumeirah district. Popular with honeymooners and families alike, this place has a high visitor return rate, which tells you all you need to know. With the option of staying in the hotel or in secluded beachfront villas, you will be made to feel special as honeymooners at this top Dubai resort. With swimming pools, the beach, beautiful landscaped grounds, and golf buggies or abras (boat taxis) to transport you around the resort, there will be plenty to explore in this Arabian paradise. As newlyweds, you may want to stay in a beachfront villa and enjoy each other’s company while being looked after by your own personal butler – at the Dar Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah they understand it’s the details that make the difference, and you definitely will notice!

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - honeymoon hotel picks Dubai Don’t Miss Even One Romantic Spot

Or for a completely different romantic retreat, head 45 minutes out of the city to the vast open sands to Bab Al Shams Desert Resort Spa. This elegantly rustic and stylish hotel in the desert is built in traditional Arabic style with many charming architectural features. With a stunning swimming pool overlooking the desert, there is a real sense of this place being an oasis. Indulgent spa treatments, fabulous cuisine, and luxurious accommodations combine to make a stay at Bab Al Shams one to remember and definitely one to consider for a honeymoon with a difference. If you envisage your future together as dramatic and exciting, then this hotel sets the tone perfectly.

Alternatively, if you want to be treated like royalty, head into the heart of the city where the staff at the Palace Downtown Dubai are waiting to give you an unforgettable honeymoon. This sumptuous and truly palatial hotel with dramatic Arabic interiors makes you feel special as soon as you enter. Combine lounging by the gorgeous palm fringed pool with a spot of shopping at the nearby Dubai Mall or the adjacent Souk Al Bahhar. Feel connected to the city and the surrounding city skyline, but sheltered too in this grand and glamorous hotel. For a honeymoon stay, the winning blend of city buzz and pampered privacy makes for an inspired choice.

The city lights and beyond

If you feel inclined to go out and explore a little of what Dubai has to offer, you won’t regret it. This futuristic city in the desert has amazing shopping malls full of sumptuous, luxury goods, all at duty free prices. The modern clean and cool Metro is the best way of getting around the city without breaking a sweat. For something with a little more local cultural flavor, visit the spice markets and souks for interesting handicrafts and souvenirs. The price of gold in Dubai is famously low so if you want to buy each other romantic trinkets to commemorate your honeymoon, bear this in mind. Head to the ancient Gold Market for the best prices, and for the finest panoramic views of the city, climb Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building. From the 40th floor you’ll be able to see for miles and get an idea of where you are exactly amidst all that glass, glamor, and steel.

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - city lights Dubai Don’t Miss Even One Romantic Spot

To get more of a feel for the area beyond the gleaming skyscrapers, it is possible to head off into the desert on arranged tours. Whether it’s camel riding, dune surfing, or falconry that takes your fancy, they are all very popular pastimes in this desert land. Or how about making a visit to a Bedouin camp to gain a greater understanding of the region’s history? The city may be young, but there have been trading posts in the area for hundreds of years.

After hot desert pursuits, you may be in need of some cooling alternatives. For sailing, windsurfing, fishing, and diving, the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf offer perfect conditions. Those who enjoy a round of golf, a tennis match, or even a polo tournament can all find something to interest them in this diverse and surprising desert state.

Helpful hints

The ideal time to visit Dubai is between April and October when the sun isn’t quite so fierce. This is an Arab country, so remember to dress respectfully and cover up when out in public, and even though you’ll be feeling loved-up as honeymooners, don’t kiss or cuddle in public, as this is frowned upon. You’ll no doubt want a beverage or two to celebrate your nuptials, so be aware that alcohol is only available in hotels. The local language is Arabic, but English is widely spoken across Dubai. The unit of currency is the Dirham and haggling in the souk is expected, so don’t be shy. Who knows, you could easily bag a lot of interesting wares for your new home together.

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Helpful Dubai Don’t Miss Even One Romantic Spot

If you are still undecided about where to head for your honeymoon, give Dubai some serious thought. There’s no shame in starting married life as you mean to go on, with a healthy mix of romance, luxury, hedonism, and glamor – the perfect recipe for a happy union if ever there was one!


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