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Heading to Africa – 5 Dream Destinations


Egypt is forever a great destination which remains mysterious; it is the land of Pharaohs, mummies, gods and goddesses, myths and ancient hieroglyphic inscriptions which intrigue and give you something to ponder about.

It is a country soaked up in history, holidays to Egypt are like getting into a time travel machine to an era that existed a long time ago and dominated by wealthy pharaohs and their subjects. The result is an abundance of magnificent historical attractions such as the Temples of Karnak, the temples and tombs in the Valley of Kings and the Sphinx of Saqqara.(Image by Dennis Jarvis)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  EGYPT AFRICA 5 DREAM DESTINATIONS

Aside from its most highlighted attraction, the Pyramids of Giza and other historical treasures, its natural beauty also carries the same weight; the deserts traversed by the Bedouins who still live the same as they did hundreds of years ago, the River Nile with its floating feluccas, the Oases of the Western Desert with its fascinating villages and the sandy beaches along the shores of the red sea.


It is the ultimate dream safari destination in Africa that is often overlooked by travelers. Lying between other crowd pullers such as South Africa and Namibia, it rarely attracts more attention than its neighbor’s but it offers such exciting experiences.

The Okavango Delta is the largest of its kind in the world offering exciting experiences for animal and nature lovers. The beauty of the water ways teeming with all kinds of animals from the croaking frogs to the massive hippos and the chirping birds calls for a spectacle to behold. A boat ride along the waterways in a dug out traditional boat (mokoro) is an experience you do not want to miss getting close and intimate with nature.(Image by Safari Partners)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  BOTSWANA AFRICA 5 DREAM DESTINATIONS

It also has a number of other parks that offer fantastic game viewing experiences such as Chobe national park and Moremi Game Reserve. The Makgadikgadi salt plains are also the largest in the world and are distinctive and fascinating with the largest concentrations of Zebras in Africa, all the more reasons why Botswana is worth a visit (check out Signature Safaris’ Botswana safari trips).


South Africa is one of the most varied destinations in Africa; it is a destination that fulfills every travelers dream with its attractive natural beauty, beaches, wildlife, cities and wine. From the Table Mountain which gives you fantastic aerial view of Cape Town to the UNESCO protected St Lucia Wetland Park and the Kruger National Park which is the highlight of every South African trip, this is the land where every adventurous traveler dreams about.

It has something for everyone and unlike most African destinations, it has well developed infrastructure that allows you to move with ease from one destination to the next. In fact you can have a self driventour through the largest Kruger National Park, the largest game reserve in Africa offering the Big Five and more.


Namibia is a vast, beautiful unspoilt country that offers the real African taste that will quench your longing and desires for a truly uncut and untamed African experience. It is largely dominated by deserts which offer impressive picture perfect sceneries and incredible flora and fauna adapted to the harsh desert climate.

It is a sparsely populated country with extensive empty spaces which ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted experiences in the wilderness on a vacation in Namibia. In Namib Naukluft National park you will traverse through thrilling landscapes of red dunes, rocks and herds of elephants impressively adapted to the ruggedness of the forbidding desert climate.

Aside from its natural attractions, it is also a place that takes you back to the ages when man lived in caves with impressive rock art and also the Himba and San tribes that live more or less the same way they lived thousands of years ago. A place not to miss is the mysterious Skeleton coast with its piles of bones and shipwrecks that will give you the creeps.


Deserts, mountains, beaches, ancient cities, lively souks and vibrant culture are some of the attributes that make Morocco such a loved destination. It is a destination that never fails to amaze any of its visitors; from the bustling capital Marrakech to the sleepy Bedouin villages in the Atlas ranges and to the golden sandy dunes of the Sahara desert, Morocco can boast of having it all.

Its lengthy coastline offers a variety of exciting coastal experiences from laid back seaside towns, surfing beaches, exotic resorts and beautiful harbors.(Image by Gruppo Manfrotto)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  MOROCCO AFRICA 5 DREAM DESTINATIONS

With its incredible attractions ranging from natural to manmade, it is its people who truly make a holiday in Morocco satisfactory, they are friendly and hospitable. Staying in a Moroccan Riad or Berber lodge gives you an authentic cultural experience of this enduring tribe.


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