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Hairstyles from Around the World

People love to travel with their families and friends. They always love to look their best and match the culture of the place they are traveling. Women are fascinated about doing several hairstyles according to the place they are visiting. It’s really a big deal to girls as they love to look their best in the distant places they are traveling. Women look for the best hair and beauty services that can give them a new look in whichever place they are traveling to. If you are traveling check out services like ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS (currently available for beauty parlors and hairdressers in Manchester and Leeds) so you can easily search for hair and beauty treatments in one place. Here is a guide for you about different hairstyles from around the world that will help you get the best hairstyle wherever you are traveling.

Cobra Hair Bun of China

If you visit in China and looking for the best simple hairstyle that can suit you then name is the cobra bun. The bun is simple and easy and it looks great on any person. The simple elegant hairstyle is very easy to do with. You can roll down your hair into a bun and then leave the tip of your hair standing upwards. The hairstyle first came to be known in a Chinese warrior movie and it became famous to the world.(Image by Vincent Crown)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Hair Bun Hairstyles from Around the World+

Braided Back Bun of India

This is the most classic style that you can try when you are in India. The braided back bun is a great one but an elaborate process. For this you need to take a centre part of the hair near your forehead and then you can brush the hair forward. Then braid the hair and make a bun. One can also use some accessories and hair pins to make the bun look more beautiful. This is the most classic hairstyle that can be experimented so that you look like a true India. Studded hair accessories will look great along with this bun.

French Braid of France

The French braid is really a popular hairstyle when you are in France. French braid is done by taking all your hair and dividing into three sections so that you can braid your hair. The braid looks good on any woman and this is the most popular style that you can try when you visit Paris or anywhere in France. The hairstyle can be done by experts and also you can do it yourself just by visiting the online tutorials. So when you travel to France do not forget to try this hairstyle that has become popular worldwide these days.

Bouncy Curls of Africa

If you are thinking of visiting Africa and looking for the perfect hairstyle that can suit your then simple bouncy curl s would look great for this occasion. You have to use a heat protecting gel for your hair if it is damp and then curl your hair with the help of curling iron. The curls in different directions give you the best texture and style to your hair. After you have curled all the hair you can add some cream to separate the curls. This look is perfect for your holiday in Africa. The curly bouncy look is perfect to suit the culture of that place.(Image by Empire Makeover)

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Bouncy Curls Hairstyles from Around the World

Simple Fishtail Plaits of UK

When you are in UK and you are seeking for a royal hairstyle that can give you an elegant look than the fishtail plaits of UK are the best one in this regard. The fishtail plaits are easy to do just by following some videos and tutorials and then you will get the elegant look you want.

So, these are the five best and easy hairstyles that you can try while you are traveling to these countries. There are a number of reliable hair and beauty services that can give you the best look. If you are not comfortable to these hairstyles yourself, then you must visit the hair salons and stylists to get the perfect look. It is really cool to try out new hairstyles of the places you are visiting. And in this regard seeking the help of the experts would really help you a lot.


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