Guernsey, an enchanting Channel Island located in the English Channel near the French Coast, is a quaint yet extraordinary place if you are looking to take a break from your everyday life. Guernsey is a unique place. It is not a part of the United Kingdom, as are the rest of the Channel Islands, yet somehow it feels absolutely British in many ways. With its rich history and lush coastlines, Guernsey is an absolute pleasure to spend a vacation, and here are the top four reasons why you should consider Guernsey for a holiday while you plan your next trip.

1. The Beautiful Coastline

For most of the travelers, the greatest attraction of this beautiful island is the extremely picturesque coastline it boasts. You can choose from an array of 27 bays, all distinctly different in look and flavor. Some of them have long and popular stretch of sandy beaches where you can enjoy a day among the crowd. Or you can spend a day away from the crowd, enjoying the tranquility at any one of the other bays with hidden coves and untouched beauty which rarely attracts tourists. You can also hike to to the Southern Coast of the island, which is lined with stunning cliffs and best explored on foot.

2. The Architecture

The small yet beautiful cities of this Channel Island has some of the most beautiful architectures you can experience while you travel through the roads of Guernsey. Due to its close proximity to France and its rigidly British character, the buildings and roads of this island has a unique look which you won’t find anywhere else. The hilly capital of Guernsey, St Peter Port is considered to be one of the prettiest harbor towns in Europe. With its Regency architecture and cobbles streets, you will certainly feel like you have traveled through time when you visit here. You can also visit one of the islands top attractions here; Hauteville House – a house eccentrically designed by its one-time owner Victor Hugo.

3. The Food

The next best thing which should compel you to visit Guernsey for your next vacation is the food. The insanely beautiful food that one can eat here make Guernsey a paradise for every food lover. Various island-grown, fresh local produce like vine tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers and an array of local seafood are prominent on the menus. On selected Sundays from the month of May to September, St Peter Port’s seafront is closed to traffic and Seafront Sundays take place. The event is hugely supported by the local restaurants and stallholders who sell food and put on cookery demonstrations. The event attracts both tourists and locals alike. And from October to early November, the widely popular Tennerfest Food Festival takes place, where dozens of restaurants of the area offer value for money menus.

4. The History

Apart from the beauty and the food of Guernsey, the island has a rich history and cultural background which makes a trip to this island a memorable one. All of the Channel Islands have a great connection with World War II as they were the only part of the British Isles which were occupied by the German forces. You can see the various German fortifications of Guernsey on your own, or you can book a guided tour to learn more about the history associated with these relics. One of the top attractions of Guernsey is Castle Cornet. Located at St Peter Port, this 800-year-old fortress guards the harbor of the island. You can explore the battlements and enjoy the breathtaking views of the other islands from atop the fort. You can also visit the five museums which are there within the fort, to learn more about the history and culture of Guernsey.

Guernsey is waiting for you to visit with all its rich history, luscious coastlines and lip-smacking food. So give this beautiful little island a go when you plan for your next holiday. You can be sure to be amazed with the experiences Guernsey has in store for you.

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