If you are thinking of upgrading your ride for your next vacation from a mainstream ship to much more intimate, luxurious cruise ship, then you are doing yourself a favor. Embarking on luxury cruise journey may seem like quite a huge expense to bear at first glance. However, take the fare of your basic cruise line, and add the costs of the extra features which come included when you go on a luxury cruise. You might be shocked to see that with the prices of the added luxuries that come standard with a luxury cruise; like beverage packages, costs of dining in specialty restaurants, laundry service, entrance to the thermal suite, excursions to the shore etc.; the fare for sailing on a high-end luxury cruise ship is not much more than your run off the mill, everyday mega ships.

And if you are still thinking about whether you should book that luxury cruise trip you have been eyeing for a long time or not, here are four reasons which should compel you to upgrade your cruising experience.

1. Luxury Accommodations

The best thing about the luxury cruise ships are the luxurious, lavish rooms that they boast onboard. You won’t have to stay in an inside cabin, as every one of the staterooms is an ocean view suite. Also majority of the staterooms have a balcony, which will allow you to easily access the outdoors to bask in the beauty that the ocean has in store for you. And while you are inside your suite, you can enjoy the various luxury items that come standard with your room; from full sized bathtubs to branded toiletries; your room has everything to pamper you during your vacation.

2. Extremely Attentive Service

With the luxury accommodation, luxury cruises come bundled with an unmatched level of service. Enjoy impeccable butler service while you spend your days on board, and each crew member is trained to discern your desire even before you ask for anything. And the most fun part is, despite of the high level of service you experience, you will not have to tip for anything while you cruise with most of the luxury lines. The tips and gratuities are included in the fare, which makes the experience even better.

3. Fine Dining and Beverage Service

The next best thing a luxury cruise has in store for you is an array of gourmet food for you to sample. Many of the top chefs have teamed with luxury cruise lines to develop some of the most memorable dining experiences you can have. Enjoying Michelin star quality dishes while you cruise through the ocean is certainly an experience which you should look forward to while you enjoy your vacation. Most of the luxury cruises also include a huge choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy.

4. A Chance to Explore Less Travelled Destinations

One of the advantage of travelling in a smaller, luxury cruise ship is these ships can reach places where the regular mega-ships cannot. This means you get a chance to explore locations which are not crowded with tourists, and places you wouldn’t had the opportunity to visit if you had travelled in a typical ship.

As you can see, with all its included perks and benefits, booking a luxury cruise actually makes sense. So next time you are planning to cruise through the ocean, make sure to book yourself a luxury cruise. It will surely take your cruising experience to a whole new level.

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