Four Must Do Activities for a Luxury St. Martin

If you have never been to St. Martin for vacation, then you have no idea on what you are missing out on. As the days go by its becoming a popular holiday destination not only because of its beauty and surroundings, but also because of the many wonderful activities a person can engage in and create wonderful memories. If properly planned St. Martin can be affordable to everyone and is the ideal place regardless of the kind of vacation you are planning to take. The best parts about vacationing in St. Martin are the variety of private luxury St. Martin vacation rentals and the opportunity to visit the other surrounding Caribbean islands. You get more locations at the price of one.

Many people who have been on the island have never run out of fun activities to engage in whether they were alone or with family and friends. There is definitely something fun for people of all ages and groups. It is irrelevant whether it is a luxury St. Martin vacation or not. Anyone is entitled to have some fun by engaging in these activities.

The four must do activities for a luxury St. Martin vacation are:

1- Jumping off a Cliff

The first question that comes to mind is, are you afraid of height? It is a one of the most popular activities on the island and as usual there are professionals who will guide you in search an experience. If you embark on a walk along the rocky coast, you will reach a 40ft cliff. On the way there are some interesting rock formations, whale holes and natural bridges that will definitely take your breath away. At the jumping point you will find other daredevils getting set up to do the jump. It is the best point for jumping off and therefore never empty. Being your first time you will probably need a guide who can take you there and help in having you get set up for the jump. You can then jump off and have a blast. Safety measures are taken to ensure that you don’t end up with a broken neck. Anyway you jump at your own risk.

Mullet Bay jumping

2- Hiking

You can go hiking on the natural formed hills found on the centre of the island. There are trails already set if you want to dwell on them or create new ones for other people to follow. If you choose to do it on the famous farm, then you will be able to do your hike in the hidden forest and have great views of the sea. The farm also offers a fly zone which needs to be reserved in advance especially during busy days.

3- Sailing

If you have ever wanted to be a captain, then this will be your best chance to try out. There are many boats that you can hire and go sailing around the island. There are several destinations you can choose from. You can also choose to sail to the surrounding islands while you take in the natural beauty of the sea and view the dolphins while you are on your way to them. You can also take a snorkeling excursion away from the rest and enjoy visiting the lesser crowded and visited islands. It will give you a chance to see special volcanic mud that is definitely a rare sight for most people.

Sailing caribbeans

4- Deep Sea Fishing

There are several charters for deep fishing on the island. You can go for deep sea fishing and see if you can get yourself some big game. There are various famous best spots and therefore you won’t miss out on a catch.

If you want a full Caribbean retreat experience with no limitations or fear of missing out on meal times at the hotels then the best choice of accommodation will be a luxury rental. This will give ultimate control over your time and you can go about any fun activities with no restrictions whatsoever. This is the best holiday destination as it is rich in activities for you and your loved ones. Work without play makes life dull everyone deserves a vacation every now and then.


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