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Is watching sport fun or do we get into it for fun of it? Catchy? Probably, but the answer may be the same, “yes”, for both questions. The delight and the emotions we experience from either spectating or participating first hand in our favorite sports is amazing! Sports are a delight because they have ability to play with our emotions. How would you feel watching a striker from our favorite team take a penalty that would seal the fate of a soccer game? Such emotions and anxiety make it a great fun!

In a study from sports illustrated for kids done in 1999, it was found out that 77% of kids participate in sports for the fun and joy of it as opposed to only 22% who ventured into sports for exercise, where only 6% for competition purposes. Well, numbers don’t lie. Bottom line, we crave the fun which brings us the euphoria from the adrenaline and other hormonal rush. But do you do when you want you want to follow your favorite team/s while you travel in the US? How do you access the games and make sure you don’t miss even one action?

In the United States sporting is big. Sports are part of the culture. The United States boasts four major leagues which are the Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL) and the National Hockey League (NHL). All these sports enjoy massive exposures from the media and are the preeminent competitors in their field across the globe. To a sports fan- then this is an ultimate deal. A paradise of sports where a travel to will leave the sport taste buds, craving for more (image by

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To be with the fun requires following our various sport teams. This should neither be a deterrent to the real fan nor should it be a challenge. There are amazing ways to follow the sports of our dreams.

ESPN channel for example provides various fixtures for all the major four leagues hosted in the United States. One can log in into the channels site or listen to the channel to keep abreast on their various teams.
Another good method or place to follow our sport of choice is through, beIN SPORTS channel. This is another great channel that keeps track of the various sport events happenings in the various states of the USA.
And additional preferred method of following your favorite sports game is through the presence of sports pub across the entire United States. Just like any San Diego sports bar as an example, these places provide comfy places where fans gather to follow their sports and enjoy great food. One can comfortably enjoy his favorite drinks, cheer and watch the game of their choices in the presence of friends and colleagues. Sport bars create the atmosphere of a real pitch (image courtesy of

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Sport sites such as also provide an avenue for a sport fan to follow their choice.  One can view game fixtures of various sports and make a follow up.
For example, I am a fan of football and by using channel like the ESPN, I can draw fixtures of the various football games and make the necessary travel adjustments. That’s easy!  No hitches involved. I can also follow live scores if I miss out on some games and still keep myself abreast. This is a great solutions to keep my travel while follow my favorite games.
The USA can provide a great place for sporting hearts who can easily track there teams easily through numerous ways as earlier expressed. The USA also offers a wide range of accommodation locations that are tailored for every budget. Bookings can and should be made in advance, especially where major games are taking places.

Now you can apply for ESTA if you are travelling from abroad.

Have fun!!


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