Fighting Traveler’s Fatigue: Top Gadgets and Apps for Avoiding and Treating Jet Lag

While traveling the world is a great experience for many people, the reality of jet lag is a constant battle. No matter what you try, sometimes you just feel tired and would rather lay in bed all day than experience the cool sights and people of another city or country.

For those who constantly struggle with jet lag — or if you’re getting ready to go on your first long flight and are expecting a bout of jet lag yourself — there are things you can do to avoid it and treat it. Here are a few gadgets and apps that you can download onto your Android devices to help you fight jet lag and enjoy the rest of your trip without feeling exhausted.

Light Therapy

It can take a long time to adjust to a new time zone — some say as much as 13 days — but you can speed that process along with the use of light therapy.

Studies have shown that exposure to light can help reduce the effects of jet lag more quickly than going at it alone. There are a lot of different devices that you can choose from, but they all claim to do the same thing: help speed up your metabolism get you acclimated to your new time zone quickly. Some of them are portable enough that you can bring them with you on your trip, while others are larger and should be used for when you return home. There are also spas in many countries that offer light therapy services.

Alarm Clock for Me

Another way you can fend off jet lag is to take some naps on your flight: the goal is to train your body to want to sleep at your normal time in the new time zone, and by sneaking in a few naps on a long flight can help. That’s why an alarm clock, like this alarm clock app, is important.

You can set the clock to wake you up after an hour so. This way, you’ll get just enough sleep to stay focused, but not too much where you overshoot your goal. If you want, you can even start trying to match your bedtime at your destination a few days before you even leave. This will help you acclimate quickly so you’ll be ready once you land.

The Ostrich Pillow

If you have trouble napping on a plane and you aren’t self-conscious, this funny-looking pillow may be just what you need.

To use the pillow, you just slide it over your head. The pillow is soft and cushioned on the inside so you don’t have to find a soft surface to lay your head, and there’s a wide opening so you can breathe easily. The pillow drowns outside noises, giving you a chance to sneak in a nap and get ready for your next destination.

If you have trouble with jet lag, try one of these to see if you can adjust more quickly.

Jayden Dean travels a lot due to his job nowadays. When he was younger he would jet off to explore but now it’s mostly work that gets Jayden on a plane. He shares his tips with the online travel audience.



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