Exploring Varadero this Christmas

While winter fills some people with Christmas cheer, not everyone likes to be chilly when they celebrate the end of the year. For those that like it hot, arranging Caribbean holidays is a great way to escape the cold. This island of Varadero in particular has a lot to offer visitors.

Here are some of the things that people who book a trip to Varadero can enjoy.

Beautiful Beaches

The beaches of Varadero feature long stretches of golden sand where visitors can soak up the sun. These beaches are rarely crowded, making finding a place to spread out simple, while the main beaches are lined with amenities such as shops and restaurants. Other activities that can be enjoyed on these beaches include horseback riding and building sandcastles, while lucky visitors will also have the chance to swim with dolphins.


The waters that surround Varadero are crystal clear, which makes this the perfect place to go snorkelling. Special snorkelling trips are offered by a number of local operators and give visitors the chance to witness local marine life in a fun and relaxing way.


Image by Iker Merodio, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

Visit the Local Caves

The Bellamur Caves are one of the oldest attractions in the whole of Cuba and this exciting location makes the perfect day trip destination. The caves were originally opened to the public in the 1860s and are extremely large and atmospheric.

Take a Catamaran Tour Taking one of these exciting tours is the perfect way to get an idea for the enchanting beauty of Varadero in comfort and style. These tours take in many of the area’s impressive highlights and can be tailor made to the needs of visitors, especially those with children.

Take in a Cabaret Show

Varadero is home to a number of special cabaret shows where visitors can enjoy exotic traditional displays of Cuban dancing and music. These shows typically last for around two hours and are offered by many of the island’s largest establishments such as hotels and nightclubs in the early evening.

Wining and Dining

Varadero is the perfect place to sample traditional Cuban cuisine. Most of the restaurants here specialise in fresh fish dishes that are served with rice, black beans and tropical fruit like papaya and pineapple. People who want to enjoy a cool cocktail while watching the sunset will find plenty of great beachside bars that specialise in traditional Cuban mojitos with their own unique twist, while the Cuba libre is another refreshing local drink that is just waiting to be enjoyed.

Shop Until You Drop

The artisan market is a great place to shop for locally produced items to take back home as souvenirs and gifts for friends and family. Visitors who have an eye for a bargain will be able to get great deals on a range of items such as wooden boxes, jewellery and cool clothes. Many merchants also drive their wares to the main beaches in special bicycles fitted with shelves, allowing visitors to shop for souvenirs while spending time on the sand.

Featured Courtesy by Jordi Fumadó


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