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Escaping the Cold? Where to Travel in January

January in most counties can get extremely cold and this creates the need for one to escape the cold season. In most countries of the Northern hemisphere the month is very chilly but in the south of the equator the most of the countries are in summer. Here are some surefire warm weather countries that are best ideal for a January vacation owing to the sunny skies in their tropical splendor.


Belize is off in the Caribbean coastline and is characterized by expansive coral reefs and soft sandy beaches to abundant lagoons. There are also some lowland forests as well as the Mayan Mountain Peaks which make Belize to be rich as far as natural wonders are concerned. In January, temperatures can get to 85 degrees and his make it an ideal destination for someone escaping the chilly cold harsh winter conditions.

Costa Rica

Get to Costa Rica where you can learn of their rich pre Columbian history as you explore the extensive national parks of this great country. Costa Rica shores have some of the best world beaches that are characterized by warm waters and brilliant sunshine which integrates in the welcoming atmosphere to make the country a perfect destination for your January getaway.(image by luis Alvarez).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Costa Rica Where to Travel in January


Hawaii enjoys a perfect weather all the year round, you can lounge or island Hop on the prime beaches as you escape the winter of January. Here are numerous beach bungalows that can accommodate you during your entire vacation. The breathtaking Hawaii is full of sun warm and culture pleasant surroundings that you will definitely cherish. Don’t hesitate to get to Hawaii it has everything that you would expect to find on a January vacation.

New Zealand

New Zealand boasts of having some of the most diverse landscapes that you can ever find on an island nation. Ranging from snow topped mountain peaks, lush green forests you will get lots of excitement as you explore New Zealand, mostly if you are an outdoor enthusiast. The beaches are also attractive and have some great accommodation facilities that are more than wiling to make sure you have a nice January vacation.


If are looking for a languid escape from winters biting cold, then Tahiti is an ideal destination that you really ought to consider. Its blue waters are just brilliant while the land will spoil you with its gorgeous green forests and striking cliffs. You will definitely fall in love with this Polynesian paradise. You need not to worry about your accommodation as there are great hotels ranging from budget hotels to luxurious 5 star hotels that you can opt for. Tahiti just does what it does best: leaving you spoilt for choices.(image by mattbdiehl).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tahiti Where to Travel in January

Fla, Panama City Beach

Panama is waiting to soothe all your winter woes with its incredible white sand beaches, 320 day sunshine and emerald waters. January will see you spend less at the famous Osprey and Driftwood Lodge

Winter should not worry you with its cold, just get to these places and enjoy a warm and weather friendly January far away from home. You can consider taking your family or your children with you; it will be surely a nice treat to get them in warmer places at times of dire need.


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