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Enthralling Outdoor Winter Fun for Adventurous Families

Wintertime adventures are always fun and make you savor some delightful moments with your loved ones-right? Cold-weather sports and adventure activities like snowmobiling, snowboarding in the scenic precincts of mountain resorts, riding in dog sleds, skiing down challenging slopes or watching Old Faithful bubble at the mesmerizing Yellowstone are some popular choices for entertaining family winter trips. Read on for some exciting winter locations that promise to make your holiday all the more memorable.

Yellowstone National Park

If you are planning to visit Yellowstone National Park this winter, then gear up your kids for close views of bisons, exciting snow coach rides, cross country skiing along the sides of chilly streams, snowshoeing adventure and amazing photo-ops with elks and deer. The lodges at this location boast of great winter vacation packages and are worthy of your visit.(image by nclint).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Yellowstone National Park Outdoor Winter Fun for Adventurous Families

Vail and Beaver Creek in Colorado

Vail and Beaver Creek lure families with a host of family friendly activities, unlimited fun and affordable winter packages. The many family activities at Vail range from tubing to kid snowmobiling atop adventure Ridge, kids-only playgrounds on lush mountains and a lot more. At Beaver Creek, you can help your kids learn more by joining up with the exceptional services provided by its ski and snowboard school. Remember to invest in some chocolate chip cookies as you ferry your family to the ice skating rink.

Smugglers’ Notch in Vermont

Holding the # 1 position across North America for its many family programs for more than 10 years (as ranked by SKI Magazine readers); Smugglers’ Notch Resort boast of many interesting packages: Club Smugglers Basic, Summit and Classic. These various packages are well suited for winter fun enthusiasts and offer varying degrees of activities, lodging facilities and snowboard programs. Your kids can also join in and look forward to some great holiday moments at the popular Appalachian Mountain Club. The various chapters of Appalachian Mountain Club offer dog sleds to view the outdoors. These half-day dog-sled tours can be booked for a host of regions and are packed with frolic and fun.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Experience ranger-led snowshoe walk in the beautiful natural terrains of in Rocky Mountain National Park; tread alongside half-frozen streams; indulge in wildlife tours and view elks, moose and groups of deer or simply book yourself all sorts of snowy fun and entertainment-there is indeed a lot in store for you at Rocky Mountain. (image by Desiree Kane).

Mudluscious Press - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Rocky Mountain National Park Outdoor Winter Fun for Adventurous Families

Lake Tahoe, California & Nevada

Almost all the seven ski-resorts at Lake Tahoe boast of family packages. If you are looking for family fun and entertainment even behind the slopes, then this is the place to be in-from snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing to ski boat rides on semi-frozen lakes; this venue has it all.

Whether it is about heli-skiing with children in the wishful terrains of Canadian Rockies or staying in one of the many lodges in the proximity of Bugaboos, Monashees, Gothic and Caribou  ranges-these Christmas holidays beckon you with their many tidings and vouch to make your holiday all the more memorable.

Have fun!

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