Discover the adventurer in you with a skiing trip to Canada

A Canadian skiing holiday is perfect for thrill seekers. People usually go to Canada on a skiing trip because it has a much better value to offer than its counterparts. With the Canadian dollar favorably valued, the prices on offer are far lower as compared to other skiing destinations. The favorable market conditions make the Canadian skiing adventure close to half the usual price; and of course, with a memorable skiing experience!

The western part of Canada has a number of skiing resorts. The three North Shore Mountains: Grouse Mountain, Cypresse Mountain and Mount Seymour are some great mountains surrounded by scenic beauty. Here are some of the places where you must visit:

Apex Mountain in Pentincton

Apex Mountain has something for everyone. For the ski enthusiasts there are resorts, rental shops with the highest quality ski and snowboards, cozy coffee shops and cafeterias. There is an outdoor skating loop, surrounded by a lot of trees.

For the fitness enthusiasts, there are terrain parks, both for newbies and experiences skiiers. Also there is a well lit night park.

The Big White Mountain

This mountain has a good range of accommodation options, food and sporting activities. There are 118 designated trails beneath the clear blue sky; a perfect combo for a perfect skiing experience. Not to mention, the incredible view of the city you get while atop this mountain. There are cabins and hotels where you can ski right to your doorstep.
Snowboarding fans and children can enjoy as well. There is a dedicate children’s center. Apart from skiing or snowboarding, you can snowshoe, skate, snow tube, snowmobile or ride a sleigh (horse drawn).

If you want to put your cooking skills to use, there are grocery stores here, amongst many restaurants. It’s a great place and an absolute winter wonderland!

Whistler Mountain

This one is world renowned and an absolute delight for skiiers and snowboarders. To reach the bottom of this mountain, you can either ski down or try one of the many chair lists available. There is a peak- to-Peak gondola, the longest and the highest continuous lift system in the world. This gondola has an elevation of 1,427 ft, delivering a 360 degree view of the village, mountain peaks, lakes and forests. There are gondolas with glass bottoms as well.

At Whistler, you can do cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, tubing etc. Though the mountain is popular and attracts a huge crowd, its vast expanse ensures it doesn’t feel very cluttered.

The only flipside is that this mountain can be pretty expensive owing to its size. There are long treks to the chair lifts, so it’s preferable to book a nearby hotel. However, it’s the perfect spot for skiing.

So, if you have adventure on your mind, visit Canada for a skiing trip and come back exhilarated!


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